Building a 14 x 48 Digital LED Billboard

The last few weeks in the Media Resources North American production facility have seen a mad fury of activity as our teams all work together to build, program, construct, test, retest, deconstruct and ship a larger than life 14×48 digital LED billboard.

Here are a handful of photos of the final stages as we test and tear down and then package to ship this massive piece to it’s final destination.



The Build, Test, Tear down and Ship of a large 14×48 Digital LED Billboard

The Delivery of a 14×48 Digital LED Billboard

After a drive of over 20 hours to the boards new home in Shreveport, Louisiana our road weary installation crew got right to work inspecting, unpacking and installing this mammoth piece of technology.

The Moment of Truth

After careful inspection and installation of this huge digital LED billboard, it was time to load in the content and make sure everything worked as it should.



After months of planning and testing the Media resources team installed successfully the world’s first 400mmx400mm VISIONiQ Highway Digital LED System in Shreveport, Louisiana and most importantly our customer, Lamar Advertising was thrilled with the results!