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SITELINE™ – Patented Light Trespass Mitigation


The ORIGINAL Inventors and Sole Patent Holders of the Revolutionary Technology

SITELINE™ Animated Angles: Phoenix, AZ

SITELINETM uses Optically Down Angled LEDs to focus light at the intended viewing audience, a custom pixel pattern, and precisely designed face plates to create displays with side angle light blocking. Simply put, if you are outside its “viewing area”, you can not see it (sub 1% visible light).

As the original patented technology, SITELINE™ distinguishes itself as the only fully realized light trespass mitigation solution available in the market.

SITLEINETM is designed around the industry-standard 400x400 digital LED module size, allowing these modules to be compatible with any 400 series billboard cabinet, including those from other manufacturers. Whether it's for a purpose-built setup or retrofitting existing installations, SITELINE™ delivers unparalleled light mitigation along with operational flexibility.

Your billboard is a valuable investment, and its performance is crucial. With VISIONiQ's automated monitoring system, there's no need for drive-by checks. Receive instant alerts if any monitored system goes beyond set parameters. Additionally, the easy webcam access allows you a hassle-free way to check on your sign from anywhere, anytime, ensuring your billboard is always presenting as intended.

Our robust Redundancy System, paired with the exclusive Remote Power Management System (GUARDIANiQ), ensures your board remains operational even amidst common industry malfunctions. Additionally, SITELINE™ is built to withstand diverse climates, thanks to its multi-layered weather protection. With IP67 modules, drip shield protected components, and engineered ventilation, rest assured your display thrives whether in the cold stretches of Alaska or the arid expanses of Arizona.

Our technical team at Media Resources can swiftly ascertain if SITELINE™ is suitable for your location. Should it not be a fit, we'll inform you promptly to avoid any undue delay. If it's a match, our support extends from drafting to permit approval, ensuring the light output aligns with permit specifications.

With zero risk and ample reward, don't hesitate to reach out if your location necessitates or desires light mitigation. We are just a call away!


Bridging Innovation and Light Trespass Concerns

SITELINE™ is our groundbreaking solution to light trespass issues in digital displays. Developed in-house, this patented technology ensures your digital messages reach the intended audience without spilling unwanted light into surrounding areas. With SITELINE™, you unlock the freedom to place digital billboards in previously restricted locations, thanks to our meticulous light control. Generation 3 technology amplifies this light blocking prowess, making your vibrant content shine while keeping the neighbors happy. Choose SITELINE™, and experience the fusion of innovative design and industry-compliance that only the original inventors of light trespass mitigation can provide.

Elevate Your Advertising Impact with SITELINE™

Overcome Light Trespass Challenges and Permitting with Ease

SITELINE™ offers a distinctive edge to billboard operators navigating the nuanced light control requisites. Unlike other solutions, its technology precisely mitigates light trespass, ensuring billboards are neighborhood-friendly. Tailored for different urban or highway environments, it extends the scope of advertisement locations, previously limited by light trespass concerns. As the original inventors, Media Resources’ decade-long engagement with stakeholders birthed SITELINE™, embodying a deep understanding of both municipal and operator needs. While competitors offer light control, SITELINE™ stands out with its patented approach, ensuring optimal visibility without compromising on light control, making it a trusted choice among operators and regulators alike​.

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    SITELINETM light mitigation worked exactly as Media Resources said it would… The municipality where these units are located is very satisfied.

    — Sr. Vice President, Major Media Company

    Media Resources were the inventors of the light trespass mitigation technology for digital Out-of-Home and have been instrumental in helping many of our markets get locations approved with their SITELINETM product. They have a whole process to help our teams analyze the location and present a custom solution specific to that location.

    — Vice President, Major Out-of-Home Advertising Company

    I could just enjoy my neighborhood again like it once was. I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s made a difference and it’s helped make an impact for good here.

    — Community Resident, Riverton UT

    There was a lawsuit brewing from these neighbors and now they’re very happy with the solution so it likely could have saved that company a lot of money.

    — Jeremy Harris, KUTV reporter

    Bridging Community Concerns with SITELINE™ Technology

    Addressing Residential Light Trespass Concerns with Precision and Care

    Residents often express concerns about digital billboards causing light trespass. Our patented SITELINE™ technology addresses these concerns by employing Optically Down Angled LEDs, minimizing stray light into nearby residences. Unlike other solutions, SITELINE™ provides a versatile range of pixel pitches suitable for different locales, ensuring optimal visibility for the intended audience while safeguarding residential tranquility. With a track record of success across North America, SITELINE™ is widely trusted by both operators and regulators, proving effective in addressing light trespass concerns and fostering a harmonious relationship between digital advertising and community living standards.