Building and Installing a Digital LED Billboard

Designing, engineering, building, and installing a digital LED billboard is no small task and at Media Resources we do it all from scratch from sizing and cutting the metal work to piecing the whole thing together, without the use of welding to all of the electrical wiring and programming the LED components.  If that wasn’t enough we also make sure the entire unit is sealed tight and waterproofed, that the LED components are perfectly lined up and the whole unit is put together and tested right in our warehouse.  Then, we take it all apart and prep it for shipping, load it safely onto a transport truck and we follow it to its new home and we install the whole thing.

What you, the consumer see when you drive by one of these huge LED billboards is all just the icing on the cake, below we will take you through the steps required to design, engineer, build and install a 14×48-foot long digital LED Billboard.

After the metalwork assembly is complete, a full inspection guarantees the frame is ready for population. The frame is then mounted to a moveable bracket system with castors that doubles as a shipping bracket. The population team then installs the LED modules, places power and control components, routes and connects cables/wiring, installs cabinet doors and hooks up the unit for test. Specialists then produce and install the networking and computing equipment into the door-mounted compartments.