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Outdoor LED Digital Displays

Your full solutions provider for LED Digital Displays.

Our system includes engineering, drawings, manufacturing, installation/commissioning, ongoing maintenance, creative and scheduling services.

Outdoor LED Modules
LED display screens for advertising outdoor or LED digital display screen for advertising indoor are becoming increasingly popular in the advertising world. Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, these LED display screens have made a huge impact on marketing and promotional campaigns. LED display screens for advertising outdoor are an excellent tool to reach large numbers of people with dynamic visuals, sound effects, and motion graphics. They can be located in high traffic areas such as airports, stadiums, shopping malls, restaurants and other public spaces to draw attention to your desired message. Elevate your commercial experience with the best led display screen for advertising outdoor or led digital display screen for advertising indoor with us today!

ONE universal system across 9 pixel pitches.

Ranging from 6.67mm to 20mm, covering all resolutions from 720p, 1080p, to 2k, to 4k, and up.

Premium high intensity LEDs expertly selected to each application, with one narrow bin per display for color uniformity. Small diode packaging for improved contrast even in sunlight (3mm DIP and 3528 SMD with black faces). Optical Down Angle LEDs control light pollution and improve rightness uniformity for viewers.

Wide Angle Series (320mm)

Highway Series (400mm)

Wide view angle LEDs produce the widest horizontal view angle in the industry. Suitable for all uses. Particularly optimal for urban environments, spectaculars, on-premise signs, any location where maximum viewability is desired.

Narrow angle LEDs tuned for “highway” type viewing situations and maximum energy efficiency. Platform compatible with Outdoor Advertising Industry’s premiere standard for digital billboards.

Available in:
  • 6.67mm SMD
  • 8mm SMD
  • 10.67mm SMD
  • 10.67mm RGB
  • 13.3mm RGB
  • 16mm RGB
Available in:
  • 16.67mm SITELINE
  • 16.67mm RGB
  • 20mm RGB

Value Proposition

We take immense pride in our products here at Media Resources. Our value proposition is our commitment to durable, reliable, vibrant displays – and it all starts with how the product is made. Our LED display screens for advertising outdoor and LED digital display screens for advertising indoor and all of their components are engineered and manufactured in North America. We use carefully selected Nichia LEDs ensuring the best visual quality as well as the longest guaranteed life of the display.

Our extensive climate testing and air-tight module design keeps your display running smoothly even in the most inclement weather with backup signals to ensure maximum uptime. In the unlikely event of a failure, our NOC monitors all elements in real-time and is able to remotely correct the most common issues quickly.

Multiple layers of redundancy to drive up-time.

Our redundancy system includes fail-safes for interrupted signal path, receiver card outages, controller failures, discoloured modules, and photocell malfunctions. With these measures in place, we can ensure your board looks its best at all times!

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
LED digital display screens for advertising indoor allow for more targeted messaging. Businesses can showcase their products or services through videos and animations that capture customer interest. The versatility of LED technology is what makes LED digital display screens for advertising indoor so attractive; businesses have the option of customizing their messages according to the audience they wish to attract, as well as changing their content based on the time of day and season. This allows businesses to maximize their advertising impact with minimal effort or cost.


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