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Stadium Display and Signage

Media Resources Professional Sports Solutions

Media Resources is one of the only companies across North America able to provide a full turnkey solution from the design to the installation to the software controlling the displays. Our products are celebrated for ease of use, superior performance longevity and durability. These can be found in private and public schools, colleges, universities, community centers, stadiums, coliseums, arenas, municipal parks and more. Regardless of the scale of your interest, we have a solution.

What are you playing?

Aquatics – Baseball/Softball – Basketball – Volleyball – Hockey – Curling – Football – Soccer

Media Resources is your one-stop shop to go from engineering and design to manufacturing and installation. Our LED division can provide custom score board solutions for your venue with accompanying software for score-keeping and advertisements, as well as general purpose LED displays to promote upcoming events, display a custom message, or to be used for third party advertising.

Value Proposition

One call does it all. For some we are their operations department handling everything from construction, posting to service. For some we may only provide digital displays. We can be your full-service provider or provide just what you need, when you need it, from any of our award-winning divisions. Your trusted OOH partner, Media Resources.

We take immense pride in our products here at Media Resources. Our value proposition is our commitment to durable, reliable, vibrant displays – and it all starts in how the product is made. Our products and all of their components are engineered and manufactured in North America. We use carefully selected Nichia LEDs ensuring the best visual quality as well as the longest guaranteed life of the display.

Our extensive climate testing and air-tight module design keeps your display running smoothly even in the most inclement weather with backup signals to ensure maximum up time. In the unlikely event of a failure our NOC monitors all elements in real-time and is able to remotely correct the most common issues quickly.

Multiple layers of redundancy to drive up-time

Our redundancy system include fail-safes for interrupted signal path, receiver card outages, controller failures, discolored modules, and photocell malfunctions. With these measures in place, we can ensure your board looks its best at all times!

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