Media Resources Announces the Expansion of TruView Fine Pixel Pitch Digital LED Product Platform

Toronto, Ontario – December 5, 2023 – Media Resources, an end-to-end solutions provider of indoor & outdoor digital display technologies, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its’ TruView fine pixel pitch LED display system. This expansion is a testament to Media Resources’ dedication to being a one-stop LED solutions provider from in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and ongoing services to a wide range of industries with diverse digital signage needs.

TruView has already established itself as a comprehensive turnkey solution known for its superior visual quality and adaptability. Media Resources is now pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of the TruView product line with a great variety of improvements to visual quality, interoperability of different fine pixel pitch technologies on a single cabinet platform, with industry leading installation & ongoing service. Key upgrades include:

  • COB Module Integration: The double module height of TruView streamlines the fit within cabinets, simplifying installations and providing AV integrators with a more efficient and cohesive setup process.
  • Precision Sizing: Cabinet dimensions of 600mm x 337.5mm, perfect 16:9 aspect ratio, optimized for exact installations, facilitate flawless integration across various environments.
  • Interoperable Platform: TruView only leverages coated fine pixel pitch technologies. With this next generation the interoperable cable can be used for our FlipChip GOB, FlipChip COB, and MIP technologies given several price points across pixel pitches ranging from 0.7mm to 5.5mm
  • Advanced Thermal Management: The employment of thermal conduction materials ensures effective heat dissipation, guaranteeing both durability and consistent performance. Media Resources believes this is the best thermal management platform in the world.  Among other features, the unique convection cooling design, coupled with strategically placed rear control cards, optimizes temperature regulation, setting a new standard in the industry.
  • Direct Data Routing: A reimagined data port design preserves signal integrity, delivering unparalleled visual clarity.
  • Quick-Swap Hub Card: This innovation supports swift, tool-free maintenance, substantially minimizing downtime. This combined with captured screws and other unique features makes TruView the fastest servicing fine pixel pitch platform in the world.

Jeff Rushton, Co-Owner, President & CEO of Media Resources, remarks, “The TruView expansion redefines what’s possible in our industry, offering both AV Integrators and end-users an unmatched experience across visual quality, reliability, and serviceability. With our own engineering, manufacturing, installation and service resources we are committed to ongoing innovation to remain at the forefront of the visual solutions sector. I could not be more proud of our global engineering, sales and service teams!”

Doug Price, CTO, states, “The enhancements to TruView demonstrate our unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge, comprehensive solutions. Its adaptability across various configurations like FlipChip GOB, COB, and Flex highlights our approach to versatile, superior display technologies.”

The expansion of TruView coincides with the launch of an updated section on the Media Resources website. This dedicated page provides an engaging overview of TruView’s capabilities and the latest enhancements, inviting visitors to explore the depth of innovation behind this advanced digital solution.

Media Resources, driven by a passion for technological advancement and customer satisfaction, remains a leader in the visual solutions space, constantly innovating and evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the market.

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