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Sign Installation Service: How it Works

If you’ve been considering going digital with your signs, it’s a great idea. At this point, it’s a mistake not to. Digital signs are proven to be more effective and more attractive than traditional signage/billboard displays. According to InfoTrends,  digital signs can increase brand awareness by 47.7%.

Not only that, they’re simple to manage remotely, they offer dynamic presentation tools, and they’re cost effective in the long run. We could go on and on about the numerous benefits of digital signs, but if you’re wondering how the installation process actually works, you’ve come to the right place.

Who We Are and How We Install Your Digital Signs

Installation of 3D ears billboard extension for Fallsview Casino campaign "grinning from ear to ear"
Sign Installation at Fallsview Casino

As one of the major sign installation companies in North America, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and installing signs of all forms for over 50 years. We offer a full solutions service from start to finish, and in this article, we’ll guide you through the sign installation services process so you know exactly what to expect when installing digital signage.

Installation is the second to last phase in our process, so let’s take a closer look at how it all plays out.


Some of our clients choose to come to us with pre-made designs, like this incredible LED concept for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sacramento. Other clients work with us right from the design phase, through planning construction, and manufacturing.

One of the key discussions we’ll have with you, regardless of where you join us in the process, will be about placement and mounting strategy. Digital signs have the potential to create a longer-lasting impression than traditional signs, and when positioned correctly, passers-by will retain the information they’re seeing for much longer than they would with a poster, for example. This means positioning is key.

Most digital displays are either mounted to a wall, ceiling, or floors and require varying numbers of technicians depending on the size of the job. We can supply any mounting equipment necessary depending on your requirements.

Typically, wall mounts are available in tilted or flat options that will sit flush with the wall for a more modern look. If you plan on having your signage high up, tilted options work better as LEDs can be difficult to see clearly from certain angles.

Ceiling mounts are popular for LED window displays, though they are usually more expensive. Not to worry though as we will run through all your options and costs during the proposal phase.

Once we’ve figured mounting, we’ll discuss placement. Placement and positioning have a direct impact on customer experience, and ultimately, how many people your digital signage content will convert.

We’ll also be able to work with you to ensure that the minimum viewing distance is calculated accurately, regardless of the size of your display.


Once all the decisions have been made regarding placements and mounting, we’ll discuss scheduling options with you. An authorized person from your business or organization should be available on the scheduled installation day so our advanced installation & sign service team can get straight to work.

Removal of old signage

Some signage installation companies require you to arrange the removal of any old signage before the installation of new signs. However, at Media Resources we understand that this can be time-consuming and difficult – especially if you’re having to deal with multiple different companies. With this in mind, we can offer a sign removal service as part of the process.

The Installation

If we’re installing equipment manufactured by us, we’ll ensure testing is done and everything is ready to go on installation day. If you are, however, providing some of your own/existing equipment like smaller screens, we ask that you pre-test them to make sure they’re ready for when our installation team arrives so that there are no delays on the appointment day.

We understand the importance of safety with all our installations, so we’ll make sure that all signage is fixed and mounted securely to avoid any possible incidents.

Post Installation

We also offer post-installation regular maintenance of your signage, which is essential for all digital displays. We’ll schedule maintenance dates with you in advance so that any work that needs to be done will have minimal disruption to your business operations.

Finally, post-installation, you need to ensure you have the right Content Management System (CMS) set up and ready to go. There are multiple CMSs out there that will ensure you can browse and create custom content easily. Many systems also have built-in scheduling so you can activate different marketing campaigns at different points in the day/year. This is great for restaurants for example, that might want to change their menus for lunch and dinner. Be sure to pick a service provider that has security like SSL encryption and automatic software updates when new features are rolled out.


We hope this article has answered all of your questions about the process of digital signage installation. Digital signs present your business with the opportunity to be modern and creative with your marketing while harnessing the latest in LED and video technology. If you’re considering switching to digital for your signage needs, get in touch with us today. We would be more than glad to chat about all our signage installation services with you and how we can greatly benefit your business or organization. Make the leap toward digital transformation and contact us now!