Position Details:        

  • Permanent, Full-Time
  • On-Site (Remote Work Eligibility)
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday

Location: Oakville, ON

About This Opportunity

As a diligent Estimator to prepare accurate estimates for projects by gathering information and analyzing important metrics. You will provide knowledge of costs and benefits that support profitable business decisions. The goal is to provide detailed reports so the company can make informed decisions that will enhance its profitability and growth. The ideal incumbent will have excellent numerical skills and an analytical mindset.  A large format or POP print background will be advantageous. You must also be thorough and apt in managing relationships with key persons.

The primary responsibilities and duties include; but are not limited to:

  • Review and evaluate cost estimates
  • Communicate with trade partners and team members regarding new and current projects
  • Prepare estimates and in detail for all products
  • Ensure timely completion of estimates
  • Understand the scope of work to bid
  • Manage bid pricing from all vendors
  • Prepare cost analysis and perform a risk analysis
  • Understand the project/program and its requirements
  • Determine key variables for cost and other estimates
  • Gather first-hand information from sites, warehouses, or other venues
  • Conduct research to obtain data on labor costs, materials, production times, etc.
  • Use software for data analysis, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Obtain and review offers and quotes by subcontractors or vendors
  • Create and submit estimate reports or bids to appropriate persons (project managers, clients, bidding competitions, etc.)
  • Build relationships with key vendors (subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, etc.)
  • Provide consultation on planning (schedules, labor needs, etc.)
  • Recording and comparing bids from multiple vendors and subcontractors
  • Finding ways to reduce costs of equipment and supplies
  • Preparing changes to costs estimates when customers change their plans, or when the availability of materials or labor changes
  • Additional responsibilities and duties as assigned.

Requirements / Qualifications:

Academic Training:

  • Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Engineering, Construction Science or relevant discipline an asset
  • Background in Finance, Accounting, or any other business-related field
  • Additional certification or internship experience would prove to be an asset

Work Experience:

  • Work experience in a manufacturing environment is an asset
  • Several years of proven work experience as an Assistant or Junior Estimator

Specific Competencies:

  • Ability to utilize computers, experience with Microsoft Office, specifically Excel, or other estimating software programs, and proficiency in relevant software
  • Familiarity with financial and project management principles
  • In-depth knowledge of research and data analysis methods and estimation formulas
  • Exquisite math and IT ability with an analytical mindset
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation abilities
  • Thoroughness and reliability and good organizational skills
  • Ability to work on a team work independently with little or no supervision
  • Able to negotiate with a range of professionals, make accurate time and cost estimates, and resolve any issues that arise.

Work Conditions:

Physical Demands:

  • Office environment with prolonged sitting, typing, and phone usage.
  • Manual dexterity is required to use desktop computers and peripherals.

Cognitive Demands:

  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking
  • Reading/writing
  • Memory recall
  • Communication

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