Light Emitting Diode Sign

Are you looking for the best LED signs? Perhaps you want to upgrade your marketing efforts. Custom LED signs can make your business stand out. It can be confusing to determine how to select the best LED signs in the industry. At Media Resources, we are here with all the latest you need to know about programmable LED signs

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and LED TVs feature a large light shutter behind the screen that dims and brightens the pixels of the TV depending on the activity on the screen.

There are many new and perplexing phrases that retail buyers must contend with nowadays, but when it comes to screen technology, there are just a few. Today, you can commonly find LCD, OLED, or Truview displays.

The most significant difference between them is how they operate. Let’s take it one step at a time.

TruView LED Signs Stand Out


Since the early 2000s, LCD TVs, often known as “LED TVs,” have been popular on the market. The finest ones use technology such as quantum dots or local dimming to provide a bright 4K HDR picture. LCD-based televisions are sometimes sold with fancier-sounding names like QLED or mini-LED since they’ve been around for so long, but the basic technology remains LCD, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display.

The LED backlight illuminates all of the pixels on an LCD TV.


The second TV technology, organic light-emitting diodes, is newer to the market. OLED televisions have been on the market for almost a decade, and they are almost all marketed as such.

There is no separate backlight with OLED since each pixel produces its own lighting.


TruView’s programmable LED signs are the answer you’ve been seeking. The flip-chip is the solution to revitalize the quality of media displays. Numerous issues impede conventional SMD semiconductors, which chip technology removes. You can finally find custom LED signs with this technology. We’ll explain the distinction and why TruView can elevate your company’s exposure to new heights!

The Truview flip-chip compared to traditional SMD chips are designed in such a way that they are diametrically opposed. The main distinction is that SMD chips must be linked to a PCB board in order to function. Because flip-chip technology does not need such connections, it is more durable and flexible in operation. Digital signage display malfunction or bad product results are caused by SMD wiring. In several instances, the flip-chip convenience improves product performance dramatically, including:

  1. Your signage will be consistent and uniform. A high degree of color constancy and uniformity is one of the most important flip-chip characteristics since it leads to better screen images.
  2. With Truview’s programmable LED signs, adjusting the contrast ratio is a breeze. The contrast ratio describes how bright or black a screen may go. An elevated contrast ratio causes an obvious disparity between bright and dark pictures. The unusually high ratio results in Truview promising clearer images with no haze.
  3. Truview has a clear edge in terms of image quality. As a business owner, you want customers to be able to easily analyze pictures and messages shown on any digital signs displayed in your establishment. TruView’s superb image quality is the result of many factors, including contrast ratio, color constancy and uniformity, and brightness.
  4. Luminosity is ensured. When utilized outdoors in direct sunlight, the visibility of a digital sign’s display is governed by its luminescent potential. Flip-chip technology improves the brightness of SMD chip LEDs, allowing your displays to be visible with light outside.
  5. There is no need to be concerned about long-term durability. Because flip-chip technology eliminates the need for wires, the PCB board may be totally encased. This provides the highest degree of weather and physical harm protection. As a consequence, upkeep and preservation efforts are kept to a minimum.
  6. Custom LED signs are possible. TruView is based on a single global system. Because the components are engineered for maximum life and low heat, the need for significant repairs or replacement parts is reduced. There are no gaps in the displays, allowing for a wide range of shapes such as concave curves, sharp angles, or many bends to satisfy any vision.
  7. There is never a problem with image retention. If you leave your computer or television screen untouched for a lengthy period of time and it becomes dark, you could still see a faint picture. Dated versions leave an obvious picture behind. When employed, this issue will degrade image quality over time and result in overlapping photos. The screen’s SMD LED chips are at fault.

Flip-chip technology’s revolutionary wireless design eradicates this difficulty. It functions at a cooler temperature, which reduces the possibility of ghost pictures showing on your screen. You do not need to worry about persistent pictures with flip-chip digital signage.

  1. High performance is guaranteed. When typical LED signs are used outdoors, natural disasters such as wind, rain, heat, fog, and quake may be devastating. Flip-chip technology, which features programmable brightness settings, preserves picture quality. This technology guarantees that the performance parameters for visibility and brightness transmission are met even in the most severe conditions.
  2. The upkeep is straightforward. It is common for SMD LED digital signs to have screen failure and need ongoing maintenance. These displays are built up of thousands of linked SMD chips, which creates a situation in which a lot of things may go wrong quickly. Wire failure is common and is one of the major reasons for SMD LED failure. When this happens, black dots appear on the screen, reducing image and video quality dramatically.

Flip-chip technology alleviates these difficulties. There are no leaks or soldering breaks either. If repairs are necessary, TruView components may be easily repaired on-site and swiftly replaced.

The TruView programmable LED signs adaptability is most noticeable in retail and commercial environments, where several aspects are combined to create interesting and engaging visual experiences. You will notice new and inventive concepts that do not fit into a standard rectangular or flat square design.

Our Display Options for Digital Signage

With TruView flip-chip GOB technology, now is the opportunity to boost your brand. Our digital display signage is suited for the harshest settings due to its easy installation and maintenance. Other characteristics that contribute to the lifespan and quality of our products are as follows:

  • Touchscreen interactive features increase the appeal of our digital signage display alternatives for retail and commercial companies wishing to empower their consumers. They are built to resist the most arduous conditions. With a unique coating, we completely protect our screens.
  • TruView LED displays are designed for simple cleaning and upkeep. Our displays are dust, water, and impact-resistant, as well as anti-static, making them simple to clean.
  • You can expect commercial quality. Each digital signage display is built with an interconnected cabinet system that has direct connections and no module cords. This enables simple and rapid installation while eliminating typical failure sites.
  • The flip-chip GOB micro-LED technology functions as a moire removal mask, reducing distortion typical in camera-captured digital displays. This technology optimizes picture quality by increasing the color contrast ratio with ultra-fast refresh rates. The driver technology delivers outstanding grayscale performance.
  • Customizable installation. Design is limitless. Try out an eye-catching corner display, full or half-sized cabinets, and specific aspect ratios thanks to a variety of installation choices.

The Best LED Signs

The Best LED Signs

In the market, there is no competitor to our TruView indoor LED display. You and your clients will benefit from the clarity and brightness of a high-definition LCD panel, as well as the improved lifetime and durability possibilities. 

Consider using cutting-edge technology in your marketing efforts with no constraints on content or installation size. TruView indoor LED displays are popular in sports stadiums, conference centers, auditoriums, corporate lobbies, airports, and places of worship. Call us today for more information.