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Are you looking to boost your brand with a digital billboard but don’t know where to start? Understanding the basics of pixel pitch and LED pixels will help you choose the best digital signage for your business. We service a wide variety of industries and businesses with the best digital signage solutions that get results, and we’ll share how to choose the right billboard resolution to promote your products and services in simple terms!

What are LED Pixels? 

A pixel refers to the smallest element in a digital image or graphic display. A grid of pixels makes up a digital display, with each pixel containing red, blue, and green lighting elements. These are used in different combinations and strengths to create millions of varieties of colors. 

Glitch Matrix Effect Rgb LED Pixel Pitch - Color Mixing Leds. Perspective View Smd Technology Screen Display

What is Pixel Pitch? 

What is a good pixel pitch? A pixel pitch can be defined as the density of pixel clusters on a digital display like an LED screen. It is the distance between the center of one LED to the next LED. Pixel pitch is determined by size—the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution. 

What is Billboard Resolution: The Simple Version

Smaller pixel pitch provides more space for LEDs on display. This produces clearer and crisper pictures with high resolution. Billboard screens can have different sizes with the same pixel pitch. By understanding the difference between the maximum and minimum viewing distance, you’ll be able to decide which billboard resolution is appropriate for your promotional needs. 

When discussing billboard resolution, you should always consider the distance from the viewer versus traveling speed. Freeway signs should be big enough to be viewed from a considerable distance. The ideal pixel pitch for a billboard should be around 26mm in spacing, ensuring that a driver traveling at speeds of 40 miles per hour or more can read it from the highway. When choosing the best billboard resolution, consider these elements: 

  • Viewing distance – There are two important factors to consider when choosing the best digital signage when measuring the minimum and maximum viewing distance. When calculating the minimum viewing distance, many theories of converting pixel pitch into meters exist. A simple rule of thumb is to equate 8 meters for every 1mm in pitch. To calculate maximum viewing distance, multiply the dimensions by ten and convert the results into meters and then into square meters. 
  • Readability and visibility – Readability refers to the distance that the audience can clearly see your digital billboard messages. Visibility refers to the distance within an image meant to attract the attention of the preferred viewer. Digital billboard visibility should be twice its readability factor. This is especially important when choosing the appropriate resolution for similar sizes. Higher resolution quality is best for smaller distances. Lower definition and resolution are better for greater viewing distances. 
  • Color levels – Color levels for a digital billboard refer to the shading in printed pictures. Since an LED screen uses three primary colors, color levels are determined by the amount of energy supplied to the diodes. The more energy produced, the higher the quality of images. 
  • Color temperature – Color temperature for a digital billboard is represented by Kelvin degrees. Tones of red are associated with low color temperature levels, and blue is associated with higher temperatures. Modern digital billboard technology comes equipped with automated electronic systems that manage these levels. 
  • Contrast levels – Contrast levels refer to the difference between environmental light reflected from the screen and the light that is emitted from the screen. Modern digital billboard technology also comes with anti-flex flyers that manage these contrast levels to enhance image clarity by splitting the light and reflecting it in different directions. 

We Have the Best Digital Signage

We provide the best digital signage for your indoor and outdoor needs! Using advanced technology and exceptional customer service, we provide a wide range of installation options. We service the following industries including: 

  • Outdoor advertising – We will help you with your outdoor advertising, from digging the foundation to installation. You can choose from our VISIONiQ digital billboard options to poster printing and beyond. We are the preferred outdoor advertising partner in the industry. 
  • Commercial signage – When you invest in an eye-catching commercial digital billboard, you can expect to attract an influx of customers to your business. On-premise advertising places you front and center for maximum exposure and business growth. 
  • Casinos – With end-to-end capabilities, we partner with businesses to enhance the guests’ gaming experience with razzle and dazzling flair. 
  • Sports – From professional sports arenas to high school scoreboards, we now provide digital billboard displays that have been keeping scores since the 70s. Partner with us and see how our VISIONiQ can maximize your sports experience. 
  • Architecture – By partnering with our engineering team from concept to creation, you can innovate in ways you never thought possible. Create dynamic experiences with personalized and flexible solutions that integrate all of our best offerings to any creative concept you come up with. 
  • Agencies – If you’re a marketing agency, we can magnify your small or large ideas with our integration and technology team. We encourage you to explore our plethora of options to ignite your imagination for solutions that are unforgettable.

We’ll Help you Choose the Right Billboard Resolution.

RGB smd LED lights, with white and blue colors. Pixel Pitch Leds. Background texture. Perspective View

With exceptional indoor and outdoor digital billboard solutions, we will help you find the right fit for your promotional needs. Business owners are working with tight budgets, and we understand the need for cost-effectiveness and ROI. Building brand awareness and improving your brand image is an important part of the ROI that the best digital signage can generate. A digital billboard is an investment that provides long-term ROI that eventually pays for itself and more! Here’s what we offer: 

  • Indoor – What is a good pixel pitch for indoor digital signage? We provide indoor digital signage that begins at .7mm and addresses all of your display needs. These digital billboard options produce a visually stunning impact that can be viewed easily in high ambient light environments. Known for increasing customer engagement, our indoor digital billboard options are tried and tested solutions with low risk and increased ROI. 
  • Outdoor – Starting at 6.67mm to 20mm, our outdoor digital billboard options cover all resolutions. We provide premium high-intensity LEDs with one narrow bin per display for color uniformity and small diode packaging for improved color contrast. Choose from our wide-angle series or our highway series. All of our outdoor solutions have a redundancy system that includes fail-safes in the event of interrupted signals, outages, malfunctions, or other failures. 

What is pixel pitch without a value proposition to back it up? We are committed to providing durable, reliable, and vibrant billboard resolution solutions. All of our LED components are manufactured and engineered in North America using carefully selected Nichia LEDs for the best visual quality and most extended display life. We extensively test our designs for climate durability and module design to ensure that our models operate smoothly in unpredictable weather conditions. In the unlikely event that there is a malfunction or interruption, our models can self-correct and continue performing at total capacity. 

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