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You’ve probably noticed indoor digital billboards everywhere you go. An LED display board is becoming an expected part of the consumer experience from shopping malls to grocery stores. They are interactive and eye-catching, so current and potential customers and clients alike are attracted. When considering investing in indoor digital billboards, it’s essential to have as much information as possible when deciding. As leaders in the signage industry, we have over 50 years of experience assisting clients worldwide with their marketing and branding needs. 

What is Digital Billboard Advertising

Most famous as an advertising tool, indoor digital billboards are a powerful marketing option when integrated into a comprehensive marketing strategy. New advancements in technology have made digital signage a preferred form of business communication with customers and clients. You can sync signs in different locations around the world with specialized software. It refers to a digital system that allows the user to manage and distribute digital content like images, videos, and news through a network of digital billboards.

 In the fast-paced world we live in today, gaining and sustaining public attention is a top priority for businesses everywhere. Strategically placing an LED display board in every business storefront or event can significantly increase visibility and revenue. 

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

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There are several advantages of billboard advertising that can pay long-term dividends. Compared to static billboard advertising, you can make last-minute changes in promotions, discounts, or event schedules in a few seconds. They are especially effective for restaurants that have seasonal menu changes and holiday specials. In addition, your favorite retail stores may have an indoor LED display board as soon as you enter the store to focus your attention on the sales for that day. Here’s how your investment in indoor digital billboards can pay off: 

  • Customer experience – For business owners everywhere, the customer experience is always a top priority. Keeping your customers satisfied is what keeps your business thriving. When customers are waiting in long lines, indoor digital billboards can come in handy to help pass the time and keep them occupied. At the same time, you can advertise upcoming events and promotions that may be of interest. 

The concept of the customer experience continues to evolve with technological advancements. One of the most significant advantages of billboard advertising is creating a captivating and engaging experience that makes an emotional connection. Pathos is not easy to accomplish but using indoor digital billboards makes it more likely to be a pleasant experience. When the overall experience is enjoyable and entertaining, customer loyalty will increase.

  • Competitive advantage – In business, a competitive advantage is an asset. The use of indoor digital billboards can create a competitive advantage by providing differentiation from other brands. You want your brand to stand out from the crowd by using creative and innovative approaches to enhance customer experiences. With digital billboard advertising, you can create new and different interactive experiences that customers may not find anywhere else. In addition, since it is cost-effective and flexible, you can implement these tools while maintaining your budget. 
  • Visibility – With so much brand competitiveness, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Raising your visibility and targeting customers looking for your services is the best way to draw attention to your company. The interactive graphics of an LED display board enhances the customer experience. They can be stand-alone marketing elements or part of interactive displays and campaigns that generation recognition. 
  • Branding – When it comes to brand building, indoor digital billboards are essential. When interactive and relevant information is made available in one place, it can resonate with customers. By implementing programmatic advertising, you can take a more targeted and precise approach to expand your brand’s reach. Through specialized software, customer facial expressions and reactions to targeted advertising can be analyzed and used for marketing campaigns. Collecting and analyzing data is one of the most significant advantages of billboard advertising. It takes the guesswork out of building brand awareness for your company. 
  • ROI – Increasing customer retention while increasing revenue is a challenge that every business owner faces. Every aspect of marketing that costs time and money should contribute to a positive return on investment. Research shows that indoor digital billboards can meet and exceed expectations while significantly impacting customer retention. When used for massive events combined with digital analysis software, an LED display board can provide an interactive experience by delivering wayfinding services and a schedule of events. 
  • Connection – Indoor digital billboards utilize special software and applications for easy and intuitive navigation. By connecting to the internet, you can manage digital billboard advertising remotely. Many features make this possible, including: 
    • Speedy WiFi hot spot capabilities through a smartphone or tablet
    • Advertising and promotions
    • Video conferencing and selfies are viewable through an integrated camera
    • VOIP connection capabilities
    • Internet browsing and search
    • Wayfinding
    • Help point
    • Mobile phone charging
  • Impulse buys – How many times have you stood in line and remembered you forgot something? While your customers are standing in line and watching your digital billboard advertising passing the time, they could be interested in the promotion you display and spend more. Impulse buys are one of the best advantages of billboard advertising. Encouraging your customers to spend money with you rather than stopping at another store to fulfill the need is an effective way to increase customer loyalty. Digital signage displayed at the checkout line is a great way to connect with customers while contemplating their purchases. Over time, this will increase revenues and ROI on indoor digital billboards.

Displaying real-time activities and events through social media platforms is one of the most interactive advantages of billboard advertising. The interactive benefits are especially true for large festivals, conventions, and fairs that encourage interaction through Twitter and Facebook location posts. Businesses can leverage hashtags and location services to spread brand awareness through customers, clients, or attendees. When individuals make a post, they tell their followers about your business and the experience they are having. You can track this on an LED display board that displays your business’s social media. 

Interactive Artificial Intelligence Digital Advertisement in Retail Shopping Mall.

We are Experts in Indoor Digital Billboards

As award-winning leaders in the signage industry, we take pride in providing full-service solutions to clients worldwide. When you purchase digital billboard advertising with us, you receive a team of experts that can take your vision from concept to completion

Before we begin, we ensure that you are eligible for digital signage. Once we’ve determined that it is a good fit for your business, our process includes the proposal, research, design, permitting, engineering and planning. We also handle the installation to construction, manufacturing, and ongoing maintenance. 

Now, we are taking our commitment to provide superior customer service through local and turnkey solutions to a new level. Currently, we are building North America’s most advanced automotive manufacturing plant to support and house the production of vital components of LED displays. 

We construct our proprietary VISIONiQ software with the same high quality and resilient features as our outdoor LED displays. With quick and easy installation, you will have complete control over your business advertising. With optimal image quality and remote monitoring, your customers will remember your name. 

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