Varsity Centre Stadium Upgrade

University of Toronto updated their Varsity Centre, and Media Resources was brought on to assist in multiple areas of the upgrade. We supplied a new digital scoreboard as well as installed it, along with upgrading and integrating their software with ours. In addition to the scoreboard replacement our Imaging team also printed multiple new way finding graphics as part of the upgrade!

We were brought on to assist by our clients Cesaroni and Sons who we are always grateful to get the opportunity to work with!

The entire installation process took one day and the integration of our software system took another day, making for a quick and seamless installation yet again!

The digital board was installed with three separate LED boards with an overall size of 25’ x 50’ with 10.67 mm SMD

This display is one of the largest in Ontario for University scoreboards!

The cherry on top of this project is the branded wayfinding our Imaging team printed for the Stadium. Wayfinding is a great way to add to the aesthetic of your location as well as a helpful addition for your visitors!


Thank you Cesaroni and Sons & University of Toronto for letting us help with the completion of this awesome project!