Crowded Times Square High Resolution Panorama at Night and LED Advertising Lighting up the Place in Manhattan, New York

Are you considering LED billboard advertising? You are in the right place to find more information before making a decision. As a business owner, you have a keen understanding of the importance of maximizing your marketing budget and want to ensure that you receive adequate ROI regardless of what you choose. We are all aware of how the pandemic has impacted businesses and taking a proactive approach to raising your brand visibility is the right strategy. 

The Pros and Cons of LED Billboard Signs

While riding on the freeway, you’ve probably seen numerous billboards for movies, products, or services that caught your attention. This is no coincidence. These billboards are strategically placed to capture your interest while on your way to your favorite destinations. Depending on the type of billboard it was, it may have resonated with you or not. According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study, over 70% of Americans look at billboard advertising while driving and learn of new events or restaurants that they eventually attend. However, a majority of Americans are not paying attention to printed billboards. The study indicates that only 37% of Americans pay attention to printed billboards compared to 75% that report noticing LED billboard advertising. Here are the pros and cons of investing in a high-resolution, digital LED billboard. 

  • Pros
    • Adaptability – By using a digital platform rather than static advertising, you have a great amount of flexibility. Instead of advertising on one LED billboard, you can advertise on several different LED billboards at the same time using a digital file. When information changes about the event, product, or service you are advertising, it can be easily and quickly changed. LED billboard advertising is fully customizable, with advanced technologies that can make adjustments for the environment they are placed in. Some LED billboard advertising can be equipped with cameras and sensors that communicate with software to reflect highway traffic characteristics and conditions. With dynamic billboard signage, you can change the message whenever you need to. 
    • Cost-effective – For business owners, we know cost-effective solutions that allow room in the budget for additional advertising are always welcome. By using LED billboard advertising, you will receive the most exposure for the money you spend compared to most forms of advertising like newspaper ads, television, or radio. It is reported that an LED billboard can increase your revenue by up to 150%. While upfront costs for digital advertising are more expensive, you will see a much larger ROI. 
    • Proximity – An LED billboard doesn’t need to be close to your place of business. It can be at any distance that will capture potential customers looking for the value you provide. Since new technologies are available to sense and adjust your message, you can target your specific audience from anywhere in the world. 
    • Technology – Several technological advancements enhance digital LED billboard advertising including geolocation and vehicle recognition. Now, you can pair this software with cameras and sensors to create customer profiles based on specific cars and commuter travel habits. This will allow you to present targeted deals and promotions that apply to certain drivers. Whether the commuter is on their way to work, gym, or a restaurant, you will be able to make quick adjustments in real-time automatically to accommodate potential customer habits. 

Large LED Roadside Billboard Displaying a Message for Businesses

  • Cons 
    • Costs – LED Billboard signs are more expensive than traditional billboards. If you receive more leads from strategically placed advertising, an LED billboard should be part of your branding efforts. However, depending on your budget and marketing strategy, digital billboards may not be the right choice for your business right now. 
    • Ad space – While using a digital file in multiple locations to advertise your business can be effective, the ad space may be only available for a very short period of time. Owners of LED billboard advertising typically sell ad space to many different businesses and these ads quickly rotate regularly. Your ad may only be seen for a few seconds. 
    • Ban Many environmentalists have complained about digital LED billboard advertising as money wasters that can be distractions for commuters. In some cities, they’ve been banned for being so bright, using excessive amounts of energy, and located in high traffic and dangerous intersections. 

The Pros and Cons of Billboard Printing

  • Pros
    • Time – Traditional billboards are static and can be placed for weeks or months at a time. You won’t have to worry about sharing the space with anyone else for a set amount of time. This can be a significant advantage if your business heavily relies on strategically placed marketing and advertising. It is highly effective and recommended for generating word-of-mouth advertising. Your branding message can be seen for miles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since a traditional billboard is environmentally friendly, you won’t have to worry about your advertising being banned or being considered a distraction to commuters. No one will complain about the bright lights or glare coming from this billboard. 
    • Economical – As a low-tech option, it is considerably cheaper than LED billboard advertising. Once you’ve purchased a traditional billboard it’s completely yours for the time period that is allotted to you. 
    • Low-tech – When you choose to use static billboard printing, a commuter will not miss your billboard. The ad will not change in a few seconds or be a distraction while driving. 
  • Cons 
    • Bland – Compared to LED billboard advertising, billboard printing is bland. Research shows the importance of eye-catching advertising when attempting to lure potential customers to purchase your product or service. You’ll have to hire someone to climb up the billboard to change the messaging if you are looking for variety. If your billboard is close to LED billboard advertising, your messaging will be obscure and most likely ignored. 

Advertising Hoarding at Underground Station Regarding Air Pollution and Toxic Air in London With Platform and Rails in the Foreground

We Can Help with LED Billboard Advertising

We have extensive first-hand experience with both forms of billboard advertising. Although more costly, LED billboard advertising is much more effective for capturing your audience’s attention. As full solutions providers for LED digital displays, we provide a comprehensive system for our clients, including proposals, research and design, permitting, engineering and planning, construction, manufacturing, installation/commissioning, ongoing maintenance, and creative and scheduling services. Using patented technology by Siteline, we produce LED billboard advertising that blocks unwanted light from nearby communities, preventing glare and maximizing visibility. We provide a monitoring system that allows our clients to review their digital displays at a click of a button. 

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One of the best aspects of making an LED billboard purchase with us is our technical expertise. Our team of experts will quickly and easily determine if you are a good candidate for digital billboard signage. This important step helps to ensure that you don’t waste time or money on a product that may not be the right fit for your business. However, if you are a good candidate, we will provide all of the necessary support from drawings to verifying light output for permit specifications. 

With no initial risk to you or your business, we provide a win-win solution for finding the best marketing avenues for generating brand awareness and profits. For over 50 years, we’ve been a recognized leading provider of integrated marketing solutions and end-to-end services in the sign industry. We are a one-stop signage source for clients around the world and are ready to assist you. 

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