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Have you ever wondered, “Where is the best LED sign company near me”? Your LED sign company search has officially ended. As an award winning leader in providing signage solutions, service, and manufacturing LED signs, we have over 50 years of experience in helping clients across a number of industries and know what it takes to be the best. Our work is featured globally in high traffic, metropolitan areas like Times Square, New York and Dundas Square, Toronto among others. Based in Canada with North American engineering capabilities, we are a full service company with operations located nationally and internationally. When choosing an LED signage supplier, there are a number of important factors to consider before making an investment that can transform your business.

Choosing the Best LED Signage Supplier

When looking for a national LED sign company to partner with, you want the best. There’s nothing better than working with a reliable organization that is available to answer questions and provide technical support when you need it. These factors contribute to the long term value of your investment into LED signs:

  • Age – With age comes experience and a national LED sign company that has been doing business for a long time will have a more established track record for success. This is extremely important given the highly technical nature of LED signs. A company with a staff of experts who understand the industry and watch for new product developments on the horizon will be better equipped to assist you in strategizing your next LED display. LED signage suppliers who have a long history can provide the best overall product support.

With over 50 years of experience in the signage industry, we have an established reputation for excellence in engineering, manufacturing, printing, and installation services. We aim to be your one stop shop for LED signs. 

  • References – A gallery of impressive pictures can draw clients in but references demonstrate support for work performed. When looking for the best national LED sign company, asking for references you can talk to should be one of the first questions presented. That way, you will be able to measure for yourself the competency and quality of work performed before taking the next step. Speaking with a customer about their experiences with LED signs will give you a better perspective of what you can expect in six months or several years down the road. 

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On our website, you’ll find a number of references and testimonials of satisfied customers. They describe the impact that our LED signs have had on their communities as well as the service we’ve provided. 

  • Warranty – When LED signage suppliers have warranties, it indicates their confidence in their product. Longer warranties are a sign that the company has conducted a number of extensive tests and can stand behind their products should anything take place in the future. Warranties and company longevity are correlated. A startup LED sign company will not have a grasp on the technical needs of LED signs five or 10 years from now. An established national LED sign company will have the necessary experience to back a long term warranty. 
  • Technical Support – The best LED sign manufacturers have a service department of seasoned experts that can answer any concerns or questions about the product. Those LED sign companies without an established track record may not be able to provide adequate support once they’ve sold you the sign. Before taking the next step in making a purchase, it is important to verify the level of support you will be receiving on a regular basis. To determine this, you should ask a few questions: 
    • What level of service should I expect before and after purchasing LED signs? 
    • What is the toll free number I can contact? 
    • Is the technical support based in the United States? If not, are the business hours in line with my time zone? 

We have a number of ways you can contact us for technical support, including video tutorials, online service request capabilities, and a toll free number. We also have two separate numbers for customer service in Canada and North America for your convenience. 

  • Simplicity LED signs that are user friendly usually contain software developed by the same company that manufactures and builds them. It’s important to determine how easy the LED signs are to use and whether the software comes with the purchase. 

We are proud providers of SITELINE LED signs developed using patented technology for light trespass mitigation and VISIONQi software. 

We are Leaders in LED Signs

We service a number of industries around the world and look forward to helping you with your LED signage needs. As experts in the field, we understand the importance of mitigating risk and perform an assessment to determine whether you are eligible for our SITELINE products. Once we’ve determined that our SITELINE products are a good fit for your business, we support you throughout the entire process including drawings, permit approvals, and verification of light output for permit specifications. With this process, there is no risk to you. Our light mitigation experts will not waste your time. Some features you can expect from SITELINE include: 

  • Light blocking louvres – By utilizing optically downward angled LEDs, custom pixel pattern, and precise face plates, the intended audience is guaranteed to see the message. Our patent pending light mitigation technology is the only system like it on the market!
  • Interchangeable modules – Using our industry standard of 400×400 digital module sizes, we provide uncontested light mitigation capabilities and flexibility for any 400 series cabinet. 
  • Real time monitoring – We expect our clients to want to check in on their digital signage investment regularly. Now, there is no need to drive by the signs. With the VISIONiQ software and webcam access, your digital signage can be seen from anywhere in the world. 
  • Maximize uptime – The last thing our clients want to worry about are malfunctions. Our comprehensive redundancy system and multilayered weather protection ensures that your LED signs will continue to function regardless of industry common malfunctions. You can expect our LED signs to function in any environment from Alaska’s freezing temperatures to Arizona’s hot spots. 

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Still wondering, “Where can I find an LED sign company near me”? Our exclusive in – house design, engineering, and manufacturing process allows us to bring your vision from concept to completion for any industry. For outdoor advertising, we dig the foundation and install our VISIONiQ LED signs. In retail spaces, we install eye catching commercial signage that generates traffic through eye catching digital displays. When working with casinos, our end – to – end capabilities are built to enhance your guests gaming experience. From professional sports arenas to high school scoreboards, we deliver exceptional and high performing digital signage. Working with architectural clients gives us an opportunity to produce highly specialized, personalized, and flexible solutions that integrate all of your creative ideas. Marketing agencies regularly seek our assistance for both large and small digital signage projects that are unforgettable. 

We are here to be your main source sign installation, printing, 3D fabrication, and digital LED signs. You’ll find our locations in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Arizona, Atlanta, Calgary, Tampa, Seattle, Baltimore, and more! Give us a call for a free consultation for digital signage today!