The End of an Era: 51 Outstanding Years with Keith Edwards

To closing one door and opening another – congrats on the incredible accomplishment of an amazing 51 Years in the Sign Industry Keith! 🥳🎉🎊

Media Resources (formerly known as Grant Signs) was first formed in 1967 by Keith’s older brother Grant Edwards. Keith Edwards joined his brother in 1971, only 4 years after the company was first formed. He made sure to have his hands on every part of the business, starting on-site as an installer working throughout north and central America, later moving into different management positions, sales, and finally as Partner / Chief Operating Officer. This is why he gained the title of “Sign Installation Guru”.

Keith has been an icon in our industry because of the experience and knowledge that he’s gained in his 51 working years. Incredibly skilled in Sign Installation, Keith is equally skilled with customers and mentoring the young professionals who are the future of our industry. His expertise has been a trusted resource to all; from partners, co-workers, industry professionals, and to his customers. His passion for the sign industry is infectious – sparking the same passion in everyone he meets.

Aside from Keith’s passion for the industry, he has a passion for the people. He has encouraged countless professionals and mentored dozens of young professionals through the YPN from day one.

As some of you may know, Keith has been a huge supporter of the Young Professional Network, of the Sign Association of Ontario, and the Sign Association of Canada. The YPN is a group developed to provide a forum for young people in the industry to network and build the future of the sign industry. Through his encouragement, he has supported many young professionals to grow inside and outside of Canada, expanding the Canadian industry. In 2019 Keith was awarded Sign Professional of the Year, and just two years later awarded Mentor of the Year at the Best of Canada’s Sign Industry awards. This speaks volumes about the impact he’s had on the Canadian sign industry, and we feel so fortunate to have had him leading our team.

Keith is a family man, amazing partner, friend, and mentor to so many people within our industry. Somehow, he has managed to balance all the above, while making everyone a top
priority. Despite all on his plate, he still makes time for everyone. To quote the legend himself in his time at Grant Signs / Media Resources;

We get the difficult done immediately, the impossible takes a little longer”

We asked Keith what his biggest wishes are for retirement. He expressed that first and foremost he wishes health and prosperity to his lovely bride, family, himself, and all he has encountered in his time in the industry. He also sends his best wishes to a continued stream of goodness from the hard work of his fantastic partners and the team at Media Resources Inc.

He also wishes the highest degree of success for all his customers, and all those who are contributing to the growth of the sign industry.
Keith defines “Mastery” in the field of Sign Installation, and Media Resources would not be where it is today without his knowledge and advice.

All of us at Media Resources would not change one part of this amazing history Keith has built.
We wish you well as you retire and spend some more much-deserved time with your family, kids & grandchildren, Congratulations Keith!!

Photography credits to: Robert Blyth,