TruView’s LED

Are you new to indoor LED display technology or looking to currently upgrade your marketing efforts? Our TruView micro-LED technology is the answer you’ve been looking for. The key to redefining digital signage display quality lies in the flip-chip. Conventional SMD chips are hindered by numerous factors that flip-chip technology eliminates. We’ll share with you what the difference is and how TruView can bring your business visibility to the next level!

What Makes TruView Unique?

TruView’s LED

The design differences between TruView’s flip-chip and conventional SMD chips are night and day! The most significant difference is the need for SMD chips to be wired to a PCB board to operate. Flip-chip technology requires no such wiring, giving it more durability and flexibility to operate optimally. SMD wiring is the reason for digital signage display failure or poor product performance. The flip-chip advantage significantly increases product performance in many ways, including: 

  • Image quality – As a business owner, you want customers to easily view images and messages on any digital signage display in your facility. Several factors work together to produce TruView’s superior image quality, like contrast ratio, color consistency and uniformity, and brightness. 
    • Contrast ratio – This term refers to the brightest or darkest a screen can become. When the contrast ratio is high, the difference between light and dark graphics is more pronounced. It also indicates that the colors are more vibrant and sharp. Most commercial digital signage display technology has a low contrast ratio, making the images fuzzy and washed out. TruView flip-chip technology has a very high ratio, making images sharper without any haze. 
    • Consistency and uniformity – A high color consistency and uniformity is one of the best flip-chip features because they combine to produce sharper screen images. 
    • Brightness – When a digital signage display is outdoors and exposed to sunlight, its viewability depends on its brightness capabilities. Flip-chip technology increases the brightness capabilities beyond typical SMD chip LEDs, which ensures your displays can be seen in any amount of lighting outside. 
  • Durability – With flip-chip technology, no wires are required allowing the PCB board to be fully sealed. This provides maximum protection from the elements and physical damage. The end result is minimal maintenance and repairs. 
  • Maintenance – It’s common for an SMD LED digital signage display to experience some screen failure and require ongoing maintenance. These screens are made from thousands of wired SMD chips creating an environment where a lot can go wrong very quickly. Wire failure is a common occurrence, and one of the biggest reasons behind SMD LED failure. Once this happens, black dots will appear on the screen while dramatically decreasing image and video quality.

With flip-chip technology, these worries are eliminated. Leakage and soldering breaks are also avoided. If any repairs are needed, TruView components are easily repaired on-site and quickly replaced.

  • Image retention – When you’ve left your computer screen or TV unattended for a while and the screen goes black, you may notice a faint image on the screen. Older models will leave a noticeable image that never goes away. This issue will decrease the image quality over time and produce overlapping images while in use. It is the result of SMD LED chips in the screen. 

Flip-chip technology completely eliminates this issue due to its unique wireless design. It operates at a lower temperature, avoiding the possibility of ghost images showing up on your screen. No matter how long the image remains on the screen, a flip-chip digital signage display will not produce lingering images. 

  • High performance – Digital signage display technology is exposed to harsh elements when placed outside. Natural conditions like direct sunlight, wind, rain, heat, fog, and vibration can cause serious damage. With flip-chip technology, content and image quality are maintained with adjustable brightness options. This feature allows clarity and light transmission performance standards to remain optimal in the worst conditions. 
  • Design flexibility – The TruView design is constructed with one universal system that features pitches starting at .07. Made with maximum durability and low heat components, the need for extensive repairs or replacement parts is minimal. The screens are not made with bevels or gaps, allowing for various shapes like concave curves, sharp angles, or multiple bends that match any vision you can imagine. 

The flexibility of the TruView design is more apparent in retail and commercial settings that incorporate numerous elements to create exciting and engaging visual experiences. You’ll notice innovative and creative ideas that don’t conform to a typical rectangle or flat square shape. 

Our Digital Signage Display Options

Now is the time to elevate your brand with TruView flip-chip GOB technology. With simple systems to install and service, our digital display signage is ideal for the toughest environments. Other features that contribute to our product longevity and quality include: 

  • Interactive – Touchscreen interactive capabilities make our digital signage display options more attractive for retail and commercial customers looking to empower their customers. They are designed to withstand the toughest environments. Our displays are fully sealed with a proprietary coating. 
  • Maintenance – TruView LED screens are made for easy cleaning and maintenance. Our displays are dust resistant, water resistant, and impact-resistant with anti-static protection for easy cleaning. 
  • Commercial grade – Each digital signage display is made with an interconnecting cabinet system with direct connections and no module cables. This allows for easy and quick installation while removing common failure points.
  • GOB micro-LED – The flip-chip GOB micro-LED technology acts like a moire elimination mask that helps to minimize distortion common to digital displays captured on camera. This system improves the color contrast ratio with ultra-high refresh rates for optimal image quality. The driver technology produces exceptional grayscale performance. 
  • Installation – With a wide range of installation options, you can think outside the box with corner displays, full or half-sized cabinets, and specified aspect ratios. 

Our TruView indoor LED display has no rival in the marketplace. You and your customers will enjoy all of the sharpness and brightness of a high-definition LCD display with added capabilities for longevity and durability. Imagine no restrictions on content or installation size with cutting-edge technology in your marketing efforts. TruView indoor LED displays are a preferred choice of sports arenas, conference centers, auditoriums, corporate lobbies, airports, and houses of worship. 

Indoor LED Display Technology White Glove Service

TruView’s LED

Our impressive displays are meant to be eye-catching and engaging with sharp, bright images meant to invoke realism for indoor and outdoor environments. We’ve set a new standard for the digital signage display in the marketplace with superior performance and reliability. That’s why we provide a white-glove service option for all installations and maintenance that includes: 

  • Engineering
  • Drawings
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation/commissioning
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Creative
  • Scheduling

When you’re ready to create an impactful marketing campaign that will increase customer engagement with low risk and high return on investment, our LED signage is a tried and true solution for big and small businesses. 

Call us today for a consultation to discuss how we can help you.