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Do you remember creating a strategic business plan when you opened your business? It was likely a long and detailed document that provided a blueprint for you and any invested stakeholders in your success. Now, it’s time to integrate strategic digital signage into your marketing budget that can dramatically increase customer engagement, traffic, and visibility over the long run. We’ll discuss how to develop a digital signage business plan that can be seamlessly incorporated into your current marketing objectives and why you should partner with the best digital signage company to achieve your goals!

Creating a Strategic Digital Signage Business Plan

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Without a plan for how you want to use digital technology, the best digital signage won’t help your business flourish. Many businesses misuse marketing signage and won’t get the most out of their investment. As signage industry leaders and experts for over 50 years, we want to ensure that this does not happen to you. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to our team’s guidance throughout the process, including ongoing maintenance. Some best practices for building a strategic digital signage plan are: 

  • Goals – The most important step for any strategic plan is to establish goals. Digital signage advertising should be no different. Your reasons for using marketing signage should be clear, focused, and easily understood by everyone involved. Some goals may include increasing the company’s social media presence or following, selling more products, advertising special events, wayfinding, streamlining information, or increasing brand awareness. Your goals may be a combination of all of these examples or laser-focused on just one. The idea is to establish targets through which to define original content.  
  • Content – Using these goals as a guide and structure for content development, you’ll want to decide what type of content you want to display. Depending on the goal, you may want to use company images, videos, social media content, or something original. Before placing the screen, you should establish what your customers should be seeing. One option can be to create anticipation by hinting at a sale or offer a coming soon. A separate option can be to include user-generated content, which helps to enhance your connection with customers. It creates a sense of loyalty and appreciation that can result in more engagement. 
  • Audience – Defining your audience by creating buyer personas will help create the appropriate marketing signage content before placement. This will encourage you to take a deep dive into your current and potential customers and their motivations while connecting your content to your defined goals. Ask these questions about your audience: 
    • What does a typical day look like for a customer?
    • What does a typical day look like during the week versus the weekend for customers?
    • What are customers interested in at each part of the day? 
    • What is each core customers’ primary objective?
  • Positioning – Before placing your marketing signage, you should have a firm idea of what you want to achieve with it. The displays don’t have to be placed in high foot traffic, but you should know what activities your customers will be engaged in while there—for example, customers who are in line at the register and ready to make a purchase. Strategic digital signage would display different content here than one that is placed on the floor near a promotional endcap. 
  • Scheduling – The best digital signage strategy should always include a schedule of what customers will see on a consistent basis. A good marketing signage schedule will encourage customers to upgrade their purchases, buy more products, or connect them with other business channels. When you define what content will be shown and where the displays will be placed, you can create a well-designed schedule to get the results you want. Some questions to consider include: 
    • What type of customer will be passing by and when?
    • How will they feel when they see the displays?
    • Are customers different in the morning than the evening? 
    • What is the most useful and relevant information for my customers at that time?

If your audience is watching the marketing signage for more than a few seconds, you can implement storytelling into your scheduled playlist. The content may include testimonials, case studies, engaging stories, or action shots. Another option is to create short pieces of information that are tied together by a common theme. Before launching your display, make sure that the content makes sense and no long pauses exist between slides. 

  • Metrics – No effective digital signage advertising is complete without metrics to measure progress! Tracking and connecting your metrics through promo codes and unique URLs with your set goals will keep your marketing signage plan focused. By incorporating social media analytics, you’ll be able to see how effective your campaigns are at catching the attention of your target audience. If you decide to use multiple campaigns, you can utilize other metrics like: 
    • Voting 
    • Polling
    • Product competitions
    • Social media audience participation
    • User-generated content
    • Live data
  • Feedback – Don’t forget to ask your target audience for some feedback! It is an excellent way to get immediate input on how effective your digital signage business plan is. When you ask your customer for feedback, they will identify marketing blindspots and improvements that you can fix right away. Having the extra pair of eyes can be beneficial for testing different formats, products, promotions, and other customer-focused content that can be shaped specifically for users. To increase engagement levels, throw in a freebie to show customer loyalty and appreciation. They will be more likely to engage with your brand and provide the feedback you are looking for!
  • Revise – Now that you’ve set up the strategic digital signage plan, it’s time to review and revise for improvements to make it better. Making adjustments will ensure that your plan is successfully implemented and well received. 

The Best Digital Signage Company

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If you were looking for the best digital signage company to partner with, you’ve found it. We’ve been helping businesses throughout the country for decades with no signs of slowing down. With the construction of our newest and largest North American manufacturing facility for digital display components, we will continue to expand and improve our services for the benefit of all of our clients. We work with a wide range of different industries and businesses with unique marketing signage needs. 

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor strategic digital signage options, we have innovative solutions and effective systems in place to bring your vision to reality. From lighting, hardware, and safety to high-rise installation, we walk you through the process of implementing marketing signage. We have extensive experience with: 

  • Commercial signage
  • Casinos
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Agencies
  • Architecture
  • Sports
  • And many more!

All of our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in North America with turnkey solutions and accessible support. We provide full-service solutions as a one-stop-shop for various climate-tested signage that can raise business visibility and ROI. We’ve served over 50,000 customers and look forward to serving you!

Call today for a consultation to discuss your digital signage needs!