As reported by Billboard Insider, The San Jose airport has completed an environmental review of a project to install digital billboards on the north and south of the airport on US Route 101.

      • The signs will be 60 feet above the ground and incorporate a non-illuminated San Jose Airport logo 9’5″ by 8′.
      • Clear Channel Outdoor will operate the signs.
      • The digital faces will be 17′ by 59′
      • The digital billboards include Media Resources SITELINE™ light mitigation technology to minimize light projection to sensitive airport areas like the traffic control tower, runways, and ground operations.
      • The signs will operate from 6 am to 12 am.

Both the north and south signs would feature a horizontal and vertical light mitigation technology called SITELINE™. This technology limits light emission into nearby areas that are not intended to view or receive light from the signs. Projection of light from the LEDs into sensitive regions is minimized through a mechanical baffle system.

Light mitigation is becoming a prominent feature of many new digital billboard projects.  In addition, light mitigation technology has applications for digital billboards in commercial/industrial areas like the airport and residential areas.

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