Red Sign On a Shop Window. Sale in a Clothing Store

Retail signage is more important than ever now that businesses are beginning to reopen! All business owners are looking for innovative ways to make their brand stand out, and store signage is one of the best tools to accomplish this. There are many options available that will fit your budget and brand building needs. We’ll discuss the importance of good signage and how we can help you stand out above the competition!

What is Store Signage? 

Store signage can take many forms, including LED billboards, 3D printing, banners, posters, neon signs, and architectural lettering. It is any kind of graphic that displays information about your products or services to potential customers. Everything from your storefront displays to barricades is considered store signage. There are various types of retail signage, including: 

  • Exterior retail signage – Considered the most important kind of retail signage, exterior displays bring customers through the door. It is their first impression of your business and your opportunity to create an engaging invitation they can’t pass. Your exterior retail signage should be eye-catching, up to date, and fresh. Customers will not be interested in entering an establishment with burned-out bulbs or outdated retail signage. Flickering neon lights or peeling paint gives a negative first impression that you’d want to avoid at all costs. 
  • Interior retail signage – Interior retail signage is focused on getting your customers to make a purchase. This type of store signage will direct customers to specific locations in the store for sales, high-volume items, dressing rooms, or even restrooms. It should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Persuasive retail signage should be fun and creative to attract and direct customers towards the specified locations. Point of purchase retail signage can influence up to 85% of purchases. Large brands will also pay money to business owners to occupy spaces with large amounts of customer traffic. 

A Business Sign That Says ‘Come in We’re Open’ on Cafe/Restaurant Window.

The Importance of Good Signage

  • Great first impressions – What is store signage without clear communication of your products and services? Attractive retail signage makes a great first impression that is memorable and engaging for the customers. It can positively influence customers to make purchases they otherwise may never have considered. In a recent study conducted by FedEx, almost 70% of customers believed that retail signage is a reliable indicator of what the company offers. When retail signage is done poorly, customers view the business as unreliable with poorly designed products and unprofessional services. 
  • Increase brand visibility – As a good businessman, you are always looking for ways to make your business stand out above the competition! When retail signage is well placed and aesthetically pleasing, you can consistently build brand awareness. When you update the graphics, designs, and messaging regularly, you demonstrate your commitment to enhancing the customer experience. A customer may pass by your business up to 60 times in one month. This makes the importance of signage a top priority for companies looking to increase sales in local markets. 
  • Increase purchases – The importance of good signage can be seen in how it influences customer behavior. When retail signage is well placed, it can increase impulse buys and promote underperforming products. The FedEx study revealed that exterior store signage influences a majority of new customers to enter and explore. 
  • Consistent messaging – With great indoor and outdoor store signage, you can create consistent and effective messaging to drive additional sales. Spontaneous purchases can be made with the internal point of sale signs at the time of purchasing. When in-store retail signage reflects outdoor signage, it gives the impression of cohesion and professionalism. It is a great way to introduce new products and educate customers on products they may be unfamiliar with. Wayfinding retail signage is a highly effective way to help customers navigate your business to find the promotional items you’ve advertised. 
  • Economical – We can’t discuss the importance of signage without mentioning its cost-effectiveness. Since store signage can be used repeatedly, it is an economical way of expanding your brand presence. You’ve probably seen displays in your local grocery store, mall, or department store for weeks. Promotions that are run for a while or seasonal displays can be used over and over again. Even if you chose digital retail signage to raise brand visibility, it is considered an investment with great returns. 

Why Use Store Signage?

If you’re a new startup or simply looking to refresh old displays, now is the time to revamp, revise, and shine! Retail signage is a critical part of marketing, branding, advertising, and promoting your business. When you increase your brand visibility with store signage, you can increase your sales by 30%. By implementing creative messaging, you can create unique selling points and perspectives that will engage new customers. 

It’s important to remember that your message should be brief. You want to avoid overwhelming your customers with too much information, or you risk losing their interest. They should be able to understand your messaging in five seconds or less. Targeting your specific audience at the perfect time with the right signage can be a challenge, but it can be done! 

We Have Options for Store Signage

Red Bright Sale Banner on Anti-Thieft Gate Sensor at Retail Shopping Mall Entrance. Seasonal Discount Offer in Store

We can’t stress the importance of good signage enough. As industry leaders in retail signage, we know a lot about available options and can help you take your first steps towards elevating your business. We are here to help you attract the right customers with the right signage. We not only guide you through the purchase process but include you in an installation and maintenance process that guarantees product satisfaction from start to finish: 

  • Proposal 
  • Research and design 
  • Permitting
  • Engineering and planning
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Ongoing maintenance

We are with you every step of the way and understand the importance of signage! Our full-service solutions are available from ideation to installation and beyond. For over 30 years, we have been committed to providing excellent retail signage service to clients worldwide. Here are a few options we offer: 

  • Indoor digital retail signage – You’ve likely seen digital signage in your favorite department stores. With the advanced technology of VISIONiQ, our displays include multiple visual enhancements that produce the highest quality images. Our universal system is used across all pixel pitches with redundancy capabilities built-in. Each model is made with the same dimensions for quick and inexpensive upgrades.
  • Outdoor digital retail signage – Now, you can reach your target audience with TruView LED technology that provides a stunning visual impact that your customers won’t forget. Enhance their shopping experience with MicroLED displays that make an impact and increase customer engagement. 
  • 3D – Our state-of-the-art 3D printing studio allows you to live out your wildest creative dreams. No project is too big or small for us because we can turn your ideas into reality. We fully embrace and enjoy the challenges of innovative ideas and look forward to hearing about yours! Some of our 3D projects include: 
    • Theme parks and themed environments
    • Sculpture and public art
    • Props for TV, movies, film, and theater
    • Product launches
    • Events
    • Decor
    • And more!
  • Print –  We can’t discuss the importance of good signage without mentioning print. We are well equipped for any retail signage print project! We can take care of all your printing needs, from standard print advertising to Frameless frame systems with five industrial printers. With so many materials to choose from, you can expand your vision for retail signage: 
    • Rigid – These materials include acrylics, foam core, coroplast, and more. 
    • Self-adhesives – These materials include opaque, translucent, perforated, and more. 
    • Flexible – These materials include canvas, flex vinyl, paper, wallpaper, and more. 

We are award-winning signage leaders in the industry who look forward to bringing your creative ideas to life. Give us a call today to discuss how we can partner with you to promote and grow your business!