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As businesses continue to open up around the country, LED signs will be in high demand for promotional and advertising campaigns. LED and neon signs are highly effective marketing tools for businesses, and we’ll show you the difference between the two. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, understanding the difference between neon vs. LED signage will help you make the right decision for your marketing needs. 

What is Neon Light Signage?

Unlike regular LED signs, an LED neon sign comes encased in handcrafted glass. Light is generated from a gas that emits fluorescent color. The neon tubes that contain the light are fragile but exquisitely made. If the tubes are accidentally damaged, the open circuit protection mechanisms should automatically stop the current from flowing to prevent further accidents. Here are the main components of neon light signage: 

  • Tubes – These are hollow tubes that house the LEDs formed from a block of acrylic.
  • Edges – The tubes are finished with vinyl edging or paint to finalize the design. 
  • LEDs – Also referred to as light-emitting diodes, LEDs are usually made from aluminum-gallium-arsenide. These LEDs act as semiconductors for LED neon signage.
  • Backing panel – Depending on the design, the tubes are attached to a backing panel made of various highly durable materials. 

A Closeup of a Glowing Neon Light Signboard of a Sushi Bar on a Glass Wall

What are LED Signs?

LED signs have become extremely popular. They are made with light-emitting diodes that are closely strung together to emit light that is consistent and overlaps. LED signs are typically lighter than LED neon signage. In general, they are more complicated to fix than LED neon signage in the event of damage. 

Differences Between Neon vs. LED Signs

LED signs are a great way to attract more customers to generate more business! Bright signage and clear visibility go a long way when trying to get your message across. The LED market is booming, with plenty of options to choose from. Before making the investment, it is wise to know the differences between neon vs. LED signs. We recommend using these tips below when making your selection: 

  • Energy efficiency – For the most energy-efficient lighting option, a regular LED sign emits less secondary energy than neon signs. A large neon sign can use up to 15,000 volts to operate compared to just 24 volts for LED signs. This is especially important to consider when you’re looking for large outdoor displays for concerts or festivals. For small business purposes like smaller signs or displays, the cost to run LED signs and LED neon signs are similar. When making a decision about energy efficiency, consider the cost of running the signage against expected curb appeal. Neon signs may be easier on the eyes than LED signs. 
  • Cost – The cost always depends on a number of factors like size, environment, and purpose. This will determine the quality of LED and neon signs you choose. If you’re considering large, LED outdoor signage is noticeably less costly than LED neon signs. Since LED neon signs last longer than regular LED signage without the need for many repairs, it may be worth it to spend the extra money for longevity. Cost becomes a bigger factor when considering very large displays. For smaller LED and neon signs, the cost difference is very small. 
  • Maintenance – LED signs require little to no maintenance. LED neon signs do require more maintenance, especially in colder environments with snow or ice. This can become increasingly costly since a specially trained technician is required to address maintenance issues. 
  • Brightness – If you’re looking for a warmer aesthetic, LED neon signs are a perfect choice. When you need advertising that can be seen from a long distance, LED signs will be a better option. Before making a decision, it’s best to consider the viewing distance and size you need. 
  • Power – LED neon signs to use more voltage than regular LED signs. With advanced technology in recent years, neon signs have improved in power consumption, but they still use the most. When you want to maximize power efficiency, LED signs are the recommended choice. 
  • Accessibility – LED neon signs come in a wide variety of colors with flexible design options. LED signs come with screens that can display any creative concept you have in mind. Both LED, and neon sign options are easily controlled and monitored through remote access and a wireless modem. LED signage is a newer technology than neon signage, which can be displayed 24 hours a day. 
  • Safety – Since neon signs are made of glass tubing, the potential for significant breakage is present. The high voltage makes them a shock hazard that will need special disposal if damaged. LED signs are shockproof without harmful substances like mercury or phosphor, making them a much safer alternative. 

We Have LED and Neon Signs

As an award-winning leader in the signage industry, you can expect us to have plenty of options to choose from that will fit your business needs. We have both LED and neon signs that can be customized for any creative idea in any industry. While you’re considering the differences between the two displays, here’s what we offer: 

  • Plug n play LED neon signs – We make LED neon signs simple with advanced technology and one-of-a-kind designs completed in one or two days.
  • Outdoor LEDs – When you’re looking for a durable digital LED solution, we have you covered with outdoor LEDs that utilize one universal system across nine-pixel pitches. Our premium, high-intensity outdoor LED signs come with improved contrast and uniformity. You can choose from our wide-angle or highway series. We provide the widest horizontal view angle in the industry, particularly useful in urban environments. Our highway series uses narrow angles that are appropriate for the outdoor advertising industry’s high standards for digital billboards. 
  • Indoor LEDs – With our VISIONiQ technology, all indoor LED signs are highly reliable. They are designed for quick installation with a universal cabinet for all pixel pitches that can be upgraded after installation. All indoor LED signs come with a perfect 16:9 ratio with all direct connections for modules. Our turnkey solutions make maintenance easy and inexpensive. 

LED and Neon Signs for All Industries

Work in Progress LED Signage

What is a good neon light sign without customization? We can bring any design you desire to life! We’ve helped clients across many industries, including: 

  • Outdoor advertising – From digging the foundation to full installation, our turnkey solutions for outdoor advertising are sought after for high standards and quality. Attract more customers, clients, and viewers with outdoor advertising that maximizes impressions and minimizes light trespass. 
  • Commercial signage – We’ve assisted a number of high-profile franchises and chains with national rollout programs for sign installation. Clients come to us for visual merchandising needs and innovative LED signs that get attention. 
  • Casinos – What is neon light signage without a casino nearby? We help casinos create a fun and entertaining experience with LED and neon signs that keep guests engaged. When we partner with businesses, we help them leverage our end-to-end capabilities to create the ultimate gaming experience. 
  • Sports – From high profile professional sports arenas to high school teams, we provide scoreboards with maximum visibility and engagement. Our scoreboard solutions have been keeping perfect scores since the 70s, and we continue to improve our LED sign offerings. 
  • Architecture – Our engineering team can help you build your idea from concept to completion and beyond. By partnering with us, we can build dynamic and personalized solutions that integrate all of our offerings!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow!