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We specialize in the latest LED solutions technology and take pride in providing exceptional service to our clients. When technological innovation is on the horizon, we are the first to know. As leaders in the signage industry, we are excited to pass on the advantages of SMD and flip chip technology to business owners looking to expand their branding efforts through digital signage. 

What is SMD Technology? 

What does SMD mean? SMD technology is short for surface-mounted devices, which are an element of surface mount technology. It refers to an electronic device with mounted or placed components on a PCB or printed circuit board. Surface mount technology is the process by which we produce SMD technology. It has now replaced another process called through-hole technology constructed to install components with wire leads into circuit board holes. About LED solutions, SMD technology is used primarily in outdoor digital advertising.

What is Flip Chip Technology? 

Flip chip technology is relatively new in LED solutions innovation. It requires mounting a chip upside down inside LED housing. We design the chip to improve heat dissipation, reducing energy consumption while expanding the lifespan of the luminaire. This technology is beneficial where people do not replace lighting often.

The Difference Between Flip Chip Technology and SMD

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Producing more efficient LED solutions keeps digital advertising at the forefront of branding. As a result, LED displays are a preference for both large and small companies looking to attract new customers and increase revenue. Technological advancements that improve the performance of digital advertising are constantly evolving. SMD and flip chip technology are part of this evolution in the manufacturing and production process. These innovations improve business marketing, but there is no one-size-fits-all. Therefore, it is essential to understand the difference between flip-chip technology and SMD, so you are equipped to make the best decisions for your business goals and objectives. 

  • Flip chip technology – Also known as wireless bonded LED technology, a flip chip offers many advantages over SMD technology. It is used for many different industries outside of digital advertising but has significantly impacted LED solutions with unmatched superior light performance. 

Here’s what to expect with flip chip technology: 

  • Efficiency – New lighting planning regulations are in place for luminaires to control light levels. When higher light levels are used and combined with little to no light depreciation, there is less need for additional luminaires. This LED solutions technology increases lighting efficiency and is environmentally friendly. 
  • Low maintenance – LEDs with flip chip technology are low maintenance because the lighting bulbs do not require replacing. Since LED luminaires are complete lighting units that consist of LED based emitting light, they can withstand any movement or disturbances in any environment very well. When placed in environments with a high degree of activity, like sports halls or indoor performances, flip chip LEDs require little maintenance and are highly durable. These features are beneficial in places that are open 24 / 7 like hospitals and hotels. However, it can be challenging and costly to maintain LEDs in businesses that operate around the clock. 
  • SMD technology – What is SMD technology without its own set of benefits? With recent LED solutions improvements in SMD technology, a higher lumen output has resulted in lower energy consumption. This is a dramatic improvement from older LED lights that operated on more and smaller SMDs. Lumens refer to the amount of visible light emitted from a light source. With new SMD technology, less is more. Here’s what to expect of SMD LEDs. 
  • Lightweight – LEDs that use SMD technology are light and small because we make them with smaller components. For this reason, they are a popular choice for mobile appliances. Their construction also excels in the highly effective outdoor LED displays you will find on top of buildings or billboards. They are also durable and are shock-resistant. 
  • Long lifespan – Standard LED lights already have a long lifespan, but SMD LED solutions bring this to another level by an almost 50% improvement. With surface-mounted technology, the surface lays flat to the bulb, which takes up less space. Therefore, the lights are more stylish and compatible with halogen fixtures. SMD technology can be considered a step up from traditional lighting LED solutions with increased versatility and style. 
  • Lighting distribution – What is SMD technology without superior lighting capabilities? Recent advancements have made SMD LEDs a favored choice for their incredible light distribution. They are very bright and highly favored for both outdoor and indoor digital advertising. Since an SMD LED screen volume is small with a large black area, you reap the benefits of increased lumination and contrast. In addition, the screens are developed with improved consistency to manage brightness at all angles achieving superior rendering. 

We are Leaders in LED Solutions

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What does SMD mean for our customers? It means that we provide full-service LED solutions to our clients and business owners. In a fast-paced world, we understand the importance of making the most use of time, resources, and networks to improve business performance. Our hands-on and knowledgeable approach gives our clients a competitive edge. As award-winning leaders in the signage industry, we have over 50 years of experience and expertise in the technological advancements of digital advertising. 

We provide state of the art technology for many different industries, including: 

  • Outdoor advertising – We oversee the entire process of installing outdoor advertising. We partner with you to provide personalized solutions from digging the foundation to installing your new VISIONiQ digital display, poster printing, 3D props, and backlights. 
  • Commercial signage – Bring the customers to you with attractive and engaging digital signage with On-Premise advertising. Draw attention to your business using commercial signage and watch your revenue grow!
  • Sports – Have you been to a sporting event? Imagine the same promotional stadium banners and digital signage included in a sporting event hosted by your business. In addition, we install LED scorekeeping displays that get you noticed. 
  • Agencies – With the help of our integration and technology team, we can create unforgettable digital experiences from any size ideas you can think of! 
  • Casinos – The digital signage used in casinos lures guests in by the millions on an annual basis. Suppose you have a casino; light up the nightlife by partnering with us. 
  • Architecture – When you partner with our engineering team, you can expect to build dynamic experiences. By providing and personalizing flexible solutions, we assist you in integrating our full suite of digital offerings into any business concepts! 

What does SMD mean for your business? Our full-service solutions begin when we’ve identified your needs and eligibility for digital signage. We display our commitment to making the most of your time and resources through our process of determining your candidacy for LED solutions without risk. 

Once we’ve established your business as a good candidate for digital signage, we partner with you through several phases: proposal, research, design, permitting, engineering, planning, construction, and manufacturing. We also handle the installation and ongoing maintenance. In addition, our turnkey solutions and local manufacturing ensure you receive the right amount of support with any product or service. 

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