McDonald's Restaurant Digital Menu Boards Self-Serve Kiosks With Touch Screen

When it comes to owning a restaurant business, using an indoor LED display can significantly impact buying decisions. If you’ve been to any Mcdonald’s restaurant lately, you’ve noticed that they’ve installed self-service kiosks and an indoor LED display menu that quickly and easily captures your attention. That’s because recent research shows that digital signage generates over a 30% increase in overall sales volume. Using a menu board for restaurants is not just a trend. The use of a restaurant sign to increase sales is here to stay. 

Why Use a Digital Menu Board for Restaurants?

McDonald's Restaurant Digital Menu Boards Self-Serve Kiosks With Touch Screen

Providing your customers with guidance as soon as they enter the restaurant is good business. With a digital menu board, you can quickly focus your guest’s attention on your restaurant’s most important space. In addition, with recent improvements in technological innovations for digital display boards, signage can be personalized with striking and interactive graphics, engaging content, and timed transitions. Here are several benefits of installing a digital menu board:

  1. Easily updated – Any marketing tool that is flexible enough to evolve with your business is one worth investing in. For example, with a menu board for restaurants, you can make quick price updates and promotions in a matter of seconds. This feature is handy for restaurants with several chains in different locations since you can make these changes simultaneously. In addition, you can easily highlight daily specials and display nutritional information in compliance with FDA regulations with preprogrammed slides using specific software. Maintaining consistency in the customer experience is a top priority for any restauranteur, and an indoor LED display gives you the flexibility you need to achieve this. 
  2. Exposure – Installing any indoor LED display will get you noticed. The bright colors and lighting attract potential customers and upsell using animated graphics to encourage higher margins. You can use digital display boards to increase your brand exposure by displaying eye-catching imagery that tells a story rather than just menu items. Using digital technology to enhance your display, you can display behind-the-scenes images that demonstrate how your cooks make your best-selling dishes. The possibilities are endless! 
  3. Efficiency – Running a restaurant requires efficiency and service. The characteristics are two of the most critical operational aspects for success. It’s not called fast food for a reason. The statistics show that franchises do well with an indoor LED display that reduces perceived wait times. You can customize a menu board for restaurants to help guests decide what to order by displaying engaging content like daily specials or best-selling items. As an owner, you can also initiate a dayparting strategy that limits the content shared on a restaurant sign to specific menu items only available at certain times, such as late-night or after a sporting event. The specifications allow your staff to handle the influx of customers.
  4. Adaptability – No one understands the volatility of market changes like a restaurant owner. As customer preferences and tastes change seasonally, so should your restaurant offerings. You can effortlessly keep up with the adjustments in seasonal menus with a restaurant sign programmed to include these items automatically. In addition, you can include holiday specials and menu items in these updates like Mothers Day or Valentine’s Day package dinners or lunches. By connecting your digital technology with your sales strategy, you’ll see increased sales revenue and customer loyalty.
  5. Analytics – Most digital display boards come with software that provides in-depth analytical tools to gather customer behavior data. You can use the information to make adjustments to your sales and marketing strategies. For example, analytics make it easier to determine which items are selling the fastest and what changes to improve. In addition, an indoor LED display can provide powerful analytical insights into location differences, market changes, new products, and price limits that you can use to enhance your ROI.
  6. Content management – We’ve all heard that content is king. When it comes to marketing and building brand awareness, including an indoor LED display in your content management strategy can be a game-changer. There several ways you can do this effectively, including:
      • Promoting food items with a higher margin, specialty, or easy preparation
      • Educating customers about your restaurant origins, mission, and services
      • Developing a restaurant sign design that enhances the customer experience
      • Providing close-ups of best selling or promotional items
      • Controlling the transitional timing of the content
      • Reducing wait times by pre-programming the content queue
      • Targeting specific areas of the restaurant sign for engaging imagery
      • Making a connection with customers by encouraging them to share visual experiences in the restaurant on their social media platforms
  7. High quality – It’s not enough to install an indoor LED display. A digital menu board should be of HD quality. Graphics and videos should be clear with outstanding resolution and sharpness. You want your in-store customers and passersby to notice what promotions and specials you’re offering for that day. Visibility is beneficial for high traffic times when most people are looking for a quick meal or snack during the day. 

You have Complete Control with an Indoor LED Display

Restaurant owners can manage and control the whole network of digital display boards from anywhere using the internet and specialized software. Control reassures you of eliminating errors, traditional advertising misprints, installation costs, and additional expenses associated with print marketing. In addition, with an indoor LED display, you can manage your brand messaging from the comfort of your own home. 

It’s also a great way to display customer appreciation and community involvement. Consider placing images of your restaurant’s participation in the local community festivals or sporting events. If you are part of a chamber of commerce, community organization, or active in local school events, an indoor restaurant sign is a perfect way to show your customers what you do after hours! 

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We Make Digital Digital Display Boards

Our proprietary VISIONiQ brand features engineered light blocking technology and real-time monitoring while maximizing uptime in the event of malfunctions or disruptions. Light trespass mitigation is the future of digital displays because it blocks undesired light trespass from surrounding environments. In addition, you can expect brightness control and turnkey solutions with dimension consistency for cost-effective upgrades that keep your displays current. 

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