LED Retrofit

The City of Ottawa expects to save $4 million annually by 2020 because of their LED street light retrofit. What could an LED retrofit of your business signs save you?

Before and after retrofitting, Carling Ave, Ottawa ON

To see if an LED signage retrofit makes sense for your company talk to an expert with experience in all forms of lighting. Media Resources is such a company.

Media Resources offers coast-to-coast coverage and has over 50 years of experience. Our pledge says it all – “Promises Made. Promises Delivered”. We’re happy to say many of our clients have been with us for over 40 years.

Our Digital LED Display division has worked with light emitting diodes for decades. If you would like our LED lighting experts to help in your retrofit decision, please give us a call!

1. Produce Significant Savings

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: You hear this daily, LED lighting yields significant energy cost savings. Results vary depending on numerous factors, but tests by one of Media Resources suppliers, Global Lux, show that retrofitting a sign from fluorescent lamps to their Literod LED lamp series can save 61% in energy costs.
  • Less Maintenance: LED lighting typically requires maintenance only once every 5-10 years, compared to annual or quarterly service trips (sometimes more frequently) associated with more traditional lighting systems. This service reduction can significantly add to your bottom line.
  • Longer Lifespan: A well-fabricated LED light can last a decade or more – significantly longer than the lifespan associated with traditional lighting. They also don’t break as easily meaning lower costs from storm damage and mishandling.
  • Financial Incentives: Various financial incentives have been given for upgrading to Energy Star rated products like LEDs. Check with your local provider to see if you’re eligible.
  • Quick Return on Investment: Payback periods for LED installations range on average from 1-3 years, meaning it doesn’t take long for your business to start enjoying financial returns (payback periods vary).
2. Better Reflect Your Company’s Image


  • Hot Spot Elimination: We’ve all seen fluorescent hot spots, uneven lighting, and of course the frequent dark spots caused by lamp burnout. LEDs can easily be arranged to eliminate hot spots. And with a lifespan that exceeds fluorescents many times over, burn outs are of minimal concern.
  • Clean, Clear Light: LEDs produce a crisp, clean light. Traditional fluorescent bulbs often produce a less desirable yellow look which can also shift the colours in your graphics.
  • Instant Light: Fluorescents and other types of traditional lighting typically take a while to warm up to full illumination, whereas LEDs are instantly on!
  • Better Cold Weather Performance: Cold temperatures have little effect on LED lights. Light output for fluorescents, and many types of neon, drops significantly as temperatures go down, particularly below freezing.
  • Visibility You Can Count On: LED lighting is less prone to failing, meaning your business signage remains illuminated and visible to more prospective customers.
3. Easy, Environmental, Safe, The Future

  • Relatively Easy Conversion: By replacing your existing bulbs with LED lamps, your signage solutions expert can achieve LED retrofitting with minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: (1) Unlike fluorescent lighting and neon, LED illumination does not contain hazardous chemicals phosphor or mercury. (2) LED signs use so much less power that they reduce the strain on the power grid which has significant environmental advantages.
  • Safer: LED lights run on extremely low voltage compared to traditional neon systems that run on as many as 15,000 volts, thus reducing the risk of fire.
  • The Future is LED: LED lighting components have become standardized and are becoming more readily available than traditional lighting, which is increasingly being mandated out of existence.

Don’t be left in the dark. See how an LED retrofit would benefit your company!

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