As we have stated time and time again, Media Resources is the leading supplier to the outdoor advertising community.  We supply solutions to complement any media campaign from simple POP displays through to large, technical and complex LED signage.  Add in our expertise in custom-made 3D displays and the endless potential of using print to tie in and integrate with your campaign, this all makes us the go to resource for any of your signage needs.

We carry a number of leading edge products, one of which we are most proud of is our intelligent VISIONiQ LED system, this system has been supplying indoor and outdoor LED products to the out-of-home advertising community, sports, education and entertainment industries as well as to re-sellers for years.

New technologies and fresh thinking are changing what is possible and we are at the forefront of this change, making smart use of technology and opening up the potential of this ever growing medium.

Our LED’s are high resolution, slim and light weight and can connect to real-time networks.  These signs are capable of displaying all forms of digital content whether inside or out in the elements.

Media Resources is leading the way in LED technology with our VISIONiQ sealed module system. With front and rear service, the VISIONiQ technology allows for a hassle-free installation and maintenance of each panel, which comes fully equipped with its own diagnostic software for around-the-clock monitoring.  Waterproof cabling and cabinet construction ensures your product is protected against the harshest of elements.

Other Highlights of purchasing your LED signs from Media Resources are:

  • Built Like a Computer Network: with full redundancy and top tier components to drive maximum up-time
  • Built for Safety and Simple Servicing:  no welding, no screws or special tools for rapid installation and servicing
  • Innovative Module:  waterproof, temperature controls, multi-latch (front & rear service standard) configuration with 185 mph pull-out rating; with common module size
  • Optimum Visual Quality with many unique features
  • Full colour spectrum – at all light levels
  • Super-wide view angle
  • High refresh rates
  • Optimized LED pixel pattern for image clarity
  • An Automated Monitoring & Diagnostics System
  • Patent-Pending SITELINE Technology designed to eliminate light trespass in sensitive locations.

Here is a list of some of the ways we can help you with your LED signage needs, depending on your business:

  • On-Premise RGB
  • Digital Out of Home
  • Custom Spectaculars
  • Scoreboards
  • Monochrome

Our VISIONiQ modules are highly innovative, waterproof, temperature controls, featuring a multi-latch (front & rear service standard) configuration with 185 mph pull-out rating; with common module size.  We offer a number of options as broken down below:

  • VISIONiQ Highway Board Series (15.75” module): 20mm RGB, 20mm RRGB (Blocking Louver), 16.67mm RGB
  • VISIONiQ Wide Angle Series (12.6” module): 16mm RGB, 13.3mm RGB, 10mm RGB & SMD and 6.67mm SMD
  • VISIONiQ Indoor – 1.9mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 5.2mm, 5.9mm, 7.8mm, and 10.4mm

Now that we’ve got the technical stuff out of the way, let’s have a look at the many different uses for our LED’s and how we have helped hundreds of companies across North America with their digital LED signage projects.

Cylinder LED Can Video Screen