April 28, 2022 – Oakville, ON: Media Resources is pleased to announce our industry-exclusive distributorship of Flock Off, the one-of-a-kind bird mitigation system that boasts what no other prior product can: the 100% re-routing of any migratory flock away from any structure where it is installed.

Unlike spikes, nets, poisons, electrified wire, plastic owls, lasers, and noisemakers, Flock Off actually works LONG TERM. It is harmless to the birds, harmless to humans, and harmless to other animals. The unit is easy to install, adaptable to any structure formation, aesthetically pleasing, silent and low-profile.  The system has been installed in the most challenging of environments, including extreme cold and heat.

“The Flock Off and Media Resources Inc. relationship felt like a natural partnership early on,” said John Smalley, CEO of Flock Off. “As we considered multiple credible and impressive potential partnerships, MRI’s focus on innovation and challenging the status quo, proved to be right in line with Flock Off’s Core Values.”

Media Resources CEO Jeff Rushton agrees. “We’re very excited to partner with Flock Off to provide the most sustainable, effective, and green option to the Outdoor Industry and their employees.”

Designed to work with any migratory bird species, Flock Off has been proven with pigeons, osprey, seagulls, vultures, crows, hawks, cockatoos, woodpeckers, and many others. The system’s unique, patent-pending technology emits a harmless frequency that disrupts the birds’ ability to read flight patterns within several feet of the structure, giving it a feeling of vertigo that makes landing nearly impossible. As a result, it permanently seeks alternative paths and ultimately alternative landing and roosting spots.

Flock off is engineered for durability in all environments, and one system will protect up to 500 linear feet of structure. Flock Off has been successfully installed on 10,000+ structures, including commercial, residential, agricultural, billboards, signal towers, solar panels, and sports venues.

When it comes to managing bird populations and preventing the spread of disease, there’s no better solution than Flock Off. Flock Off is the only bird barrier that’s fast, safe, effective, and cost-effective as a permanent solution. Please contact a Media Resources sales representative to find out how this new and proven solution can help keep workers safe and your structures looking their best.

Video link: https://vimeo.com/698729954

Product Info: https://www.mediaresources.com/bird-control-solutions/