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Have you been to a trade show and seen large, colorful banners that caught your eye? That is only half of what large format printing services are capable of accomplishing. They are frequently used in your local grocery store and applied as an artistic vehicle wrap for the latest muscle car. You’ve likely heard the term and are now exploring large format printing applications to promote your business. We’ll explore what large digital printing is and how it can help elevate your business and branding strategy. 

What is Large Format Printing? 

This widely used process refers to print displays that are larger than what a typical commercial printer can handle. Large format printing requires costly and specialized equipment that can handle a wide range of materials. The extensive capabilities of large digital printing can make marketing possibilities endless. Some of the common uses for large format printers include: 

  • Point of purchase – Companies are launching new products or services and need effective marketing tools to generate consumer interest. When products are placed in retail stores, they can easily get lost in the sea of endless other products vying for the customer’s attention. Large format printing services can make your new products stand out from the crowd and entice shoppers to spend money with you.
  • Trade shows – As a business owner, you’ve likely attended trade shows or plan to in the near future. These venues can generate a lot of potential customer traffic, but it is a challenge to stand out from all other vendors and businesses. Large format printing services can give you the edge you need to differentiate your brand from the competition at trade shows. Well-placed banners, signs, posters, and wall graphics can make a huge difference in engagement and sales. 
  • Internal communication – If you want to reinforce a major announcement for your company internally, large format printing is an excellent way to supplement your messaging to staff and employees. There are many ways to use internal signage, including welcoming a new executive or informing the company of a new initiative. 

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What are the Benefits of Large Format Printing? 

What is large format printing without the advantages? Quality large format printing can take your brand from good to great with the right graphics and creative concepts. It gives you the opportunity to think big and bring larger-than-life ideas to life. The benefits of using large format printers include: 

  • Cost-effectiveness – We know that business owners always look for cost-effective ways to promote their products and services. Large format printing services are some of the most cost-effective ways to stay within budget while displaying high-quality and engaging displays. They can be repeatedly used for almost any event you have. Even if the expense is more than planned, it is an investment that can be used for years to come depending on the material used. This expense is worth it since this marketing tool will not need to be replaced any time soon.  
  • Brand awareness – Since brand recognition is always top of mind for any business owner, large format printing guarantees that many potential customers and partners will see your business. Placing displays outside of a brick-and-mortar location can entice customers to enter the store and make purchases. No matter what other marketing components are part of your strategy, a large-format display should remain a consistent presence. 
  • Versatility – With so many businesses using large format printing services, it’s necessary to find innovative ways to utilize this tool to your advantage. The versatility of large format displays can provide a vast range of opportunities to be used as floor displays, signs, banners, magnets, or decals on any kind of material. 
  • Durable – What is large format printing without the long-term investment? When you invest in a large format display, you can expect to keep it for a long time. Many of the materials used to print these displays are highly durable and water-resistant. They are created to be used in many different environments and weather conditions. When high-quality fabrics are used, a large format printing display won’t fade or tear. This keeps business owners from replacing displays regularly as a result of damage. 
  • Promotion – One of the most interactive and exciting reasons to invest in large format printing services is seamlessly promoting both online and offline promotions. By adding social media links to large format displays, businesses can easily invite potential customers and clients to engage with the brand once they’ve left the location!

We Provide the Best Large Format Printing Services

  • Frameless – Are you considering using an oversized banner to advertise new products and services? Our frameless large format printing services provide easy-to-use marketing signage with no visible frames to distract from your message. We use lightweight aluminum for simple and fast installation and adjustments; frames wrap around the border, creating a sharp wrinkle-free banner. 
  • Hoarding – You’ve seen these on construction sites as advertising messages for the upcoming business. They are highly effective at creating customer anticipation for the general public. By using hoarding for large format printing services, you’ll be able to let everyone know what’s coming with vibrant and branded messaging. Whether you’re looking for rigid or flexible materials, we can bring any concept to life. 

Possibilities are endless with large digital printing. You have many options for materials that you can use to advertise, including: 

  • Rigid – We can create large digital printing on any rigid service, including foam, Sintra, coroplast, komatex, acrylic, and Dibond. 
  • Adhesive – We can create large digital printing on any translucent, perforated, pressure-sensitive, and opaque self-adhesive. 
  • Flexible – We can create large digital printing on any flexible surface, including flex vinyl, mesh, canvas, block out, PVC, blind material, paper, wallpaper, and poplin.  

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Call Us For Large Digital Printing

What is large format printing without an industrial printer? We have five large format printers and endless material options for any signage you can think of. With integrated end-to-end services for any kind of large format printing need, you can trust us to meet and exceed your expectations every single time. 

We service a wide range of industries, including casinos, sporting venues, agencies, architecture, film and entertainment, gaming, and theaters, to name a few. We help North and South American clients with in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Taking any vision from concept to completion, we ensure high quality every step of the way. 

How do we do this? We use a process that involves many steps to ensure a project is completed well. The company process involves: 

  • Proposal
  • Research and design
  • Permitting
  • Engineering and planning
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Ongoing maintenance

Our flexible and personalized large format printing solutions can be integrated into all of our offerings. When you take advantage of all of the marketing signage tools we offer, we create exceptional and unforgettable branding experiences for your target audience that they will never forget. By including our digital signage options, we can bring your brand to life and beyond!