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Have you asked yourself “where is large format printing near me”? Our business owners and clients understand the importance of creative marketing and appreciate working with a full-service large format printing company that gets it. Recognized by Deloitte as a leader in providing integrated vertical marketing solutions and end-to-end services in the sign industry for all of North America, we are committed and passionate about helping our clients build brand recognition. We are one of the only companies in North America that create large format advertising solutions from design to installation. If you’re new or a veteran of large format printing, you’ll appreciate our flexible and adaptable approach.

What Is Large Format Printing?

For businesses who are new to large format advertising, finding the right company to work with is more than half the battle. Luckily, we provide a wide range of advertising solutions that can catapult your company’s marketing efforts. Whether your starting with large format printing or are including LED billboards as part of your branding strategy, we recommend having a thorough understanding of our services. 

What is large format printing today? Compared to the 1990s, large format printers are light years ahead. Today’s large format printers are of the highest technological quality with cost-effective and versatile printing features that can bring supersized ideas to life. Large format advertising refers to the process of producing large graphics for advertising, branding, and marketing purposes. This includes everything from the large billboard advertisements you see on the highway to the retail displays that capture your attention at your nearest shopping mall. Specifically, outdoor large format printing is meant for large groups of people to see from a distance and eventually take action. 

Large Format Printing Materials

Printing on Self-Adhesive Foil the Printer Supports a Printing Plotter.

With so many large format advertising possibilities, it’s no surprise that eye-catching graphics can be made on a wide variety of materials to suit the client’s needs. Depending on the environment, materials other than paper may be necessary to withstand the elements. The ability to merge aesthetics and practicality in large format printing is an art form and is accomplished using these materials: 

  • Paper – As one of the most widely used and available materials, paper is highly adaptable for large format printing purposes. Although it is the cheapest material to use, it is not the most durable. For outdoor and long-term advertisements, it is recommended to use other materials. 
  • Vinyl – When looking into long-term and outdoor large format printing installations, vinyl is the most popular choice due to its durability, flexibility, and ease of use. With vinyl, you have the option of using a glossy, matte, or reflective finish. You may have seen these varieties used in car wraps. This material is cost-effective and versatile when used on rigid backgrounds for additional support and longevity. Largely used for commercial purposes, vinyl can be affixed to the side of buildings, window displays, and or free standing.
  • Fabrics and textiles – Now, the ability to print graphics on fabrics and textiles is no longer a dream. With the use of tension fabric frames, large format printers have the capacity to produce high-quality graphics for blankets or flags. You’ve probably seen large format printing on fabrics in architectural interiors, museum exhibits, or outdoor events such as concerts and sports games. Developing seamless backdrops, transparencies, or high impact backgrounds is now easier than ever using customized designs
  • Metal, wood, and other rigid materials – Using special equipment, incredible large format printing graphics can be produced on unique materials like aluminum or wood. Unusual projects that may require large format advertising can include museum or photography exhibitions and signage. The use of a heavy-duty industrial press will be able to provide double-color configurations with supportive technologies that apply spray finishes to protect the design. 

Large Format Printing Costs

One of the most important aspects of running a business is managing the marketing budget. Keeping large format printing costs at or under budget is ideal and we can help you accomplish this. What most business owners may not realize is that it pays to go big. The low costs and long-lasting printing results make large format advertising more cost-effective regardless of what surface you are printing on. For heavy outdoor use, printing on canvas, tiles, and plastic can be very durable and long-lasting. Other features like raised surfaces and special designs can increase the durability and longevity of a large format project without expanding your budget. 

The Benefits of Large Format Advertising

Besides being a cost-effective marketing tool, large format advertising has a number of long-term benefits. Regardless of whether your advertising inside or outside, large signage with your business logo is an effective way to target potential customers. Here are the other benefits to consider: 

  • Brand recognition – Every business is looking for brand recognition. Large format advertising takes this to a whole new level with enlarged logos and designs that can be seen for miles. Elevated brand visibility can increase brand recognition in a saturated market. When you want to stand out from the crowd while making a lasting impression that translates to ROI for your business. 
  • Exposure – Being seen from a distance is a great way to attract potential customers and clients that may not have heard of your product or service but are within the area. When you use large format advertising, you can attract customers at a nearby festival with clearly legible and attractive signage. 
  • Versatility – As demonstrated above, large format printing is incredibly versatile in all mediums. We can create anything using a custom design for posters, decals, vehicle wraps, and more! This gives you the opportunity to get creative and expand where you typically advertise. Since we use the latest technology in large format printing, you can keep the same consistency throughout all of your marketing materials. 

Banners are still considered one of the most popular large format marketing tools. You can find them at conventions, expos, festivals, and other large outdoor gatherings where there are crowds. They can come in a wide variety of weights, designs, and materials to meet any size budget. 

Wide Format Printer at the International Trade Fair Reklama 2015 Advertising Expo in Moscow.

The Best Large Format Printing Company

Next time a colleague asks, “where is the nearest large format printing near me”, you’ll know where to send them. With over 50 years of experience in the signage industry, our large format printing company continues to evolve with the times and implores the latest technology with the development of North America’s most advanced automated manufacturing plant. The equipment and automation technologies for the new facility will support the in-house production of digital LED displays. Our clients range from leading commercial signage and display companies to top billboard advertising businesses. From Fortune 500 retail to box office billboards we provide: 

  • Creative solutions in retail marketing and display
  • Print and displays
  • Custom decor
  • Production technology
  • Final packaging
  • Corrugated POS displays
  • A-frame signage
  • Bollard wraps
  • Commercial printing
  • Floor graphics
  • Flags and banners
  • Floor stands and displays
  • Pole signs
  • Wayfinding and aisle signs

When you’re looking for versatile and engaging ways to market your business in today’s fast-paced world, we can be your one-stop solution for advertising. Our full-service signage solutions provide expertise and logistics, print and displays, and installation. 

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