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Why is 3D printing important? Making movies is big business and requires a number of diverse and talented professionals to bring a cinematic vision to life. From special effects to movies sets, 3d print shops play a critical role in the development of an incredible movie experience. It is likely that your favorite recent movies are taking full advantage of the benefits of using 3d print props. That’s because the impact of 3d printing props on the film industry has expanded cinematic prospects and encouraged the evolution of special effects. With so many applications for 3d print props, the possibilities are now endless. 

What are 3d Print Props?

The popularity of 3d printing has increased over the years with numerous applications across several industries. The process of 3d printing entails the use of CAD, or computer aided design to produce three dimensional objects by layering various materials like plastics into the desired shape, size, color, and functionality. There is a great deal of flexibility in what can be printed and the materials they can work with. Due to the accuracy, speed, and cost effectiveness of 3d printing capabilities, they are typically used in manufacturing and prototyping. They can decrease the amount of time and money spent on the research and development process by months and even years. In just a few hours, a prototype can be produced that would’ve taken millions of dollars and a number of years to create.

Why is 3d Printing Important?

Both small and big budget films require props, costumes, and set design that 3d printing can produce quickly and economically. When 3d print props break or more duplicates are needed, they are easily replaced on site since 3d printers are easily transportable. Parts can be developed before an actor has tried it and costumes are lighter in design. An example of this efficiency can be seen in movies like Iron Man and Black Panther. In both movies, the impact of 3d printing revolutionized and transformed what was possible on set. Here’s a few examples of how 3d printed movie props have made a significant impact: 

  • Jurassic World dinosaurs: Did you notice how realistic the prehistoric dinosaur artifacts were in this film? Thanks to the accuracy of 3d printed props, the movie captured the audience with lifelike dinosaur fossils and bones made from 3d scanning technology. Adjustments were conveniently made to 3d files to account for adolescents, males, and female dinosaurs without sacrificing time or budgets. The exceptional flexibility in making last minute design changes in creating realistic dinosaurs would not have been possible without the use of 3D print props. 
  • Black Panther costumes: With box office sales of over $1.3 billion, it’s easy to see the impact of 3D printing props on what many critics consider to be one of the most impressive film sets in the Marvel Universe to date. The critically acclaimed film utilized 3D print props throughout the set, including costumes. The intricate designs that combined traditional African culture with ultra modern technology were made possible with 3D printing. By using this manufacturing technique, the fashion industry can continue to push boundaries, particularly in film production. 
  • Iron Man suit: Did you notice the full functionality of the Iron Man suit? This is a result of 3D print props that can be used in place of costly CGI or molding processes. Rather than adding digital enhancements to the actor to create a suit, a 3D print scanner was used to create a suit with perfect dimensions that can be worn on set. 
  • Star Wars stormtroopers: Were you wondering how all those stormtrooper suits were made? The helmets are all 3D print props. There are also parts of CP3O that were made using 3D print props since they can be produced quickly and accurately. For big budget films, manufacturing processes that cut time and costs are a real advantage for large quantity production. This impact of 3D printing props can be seen in other movies like Lord of the Rings and The Hobbits. 

Portrait of Stormtrooper Costume

  • Stranger Things Demogorgon: Have you ever noticed how realistic and scary the Demogorgon creature is in this show? It was created using 3D printed props. In fact, the creation and production of the monsters is a result of additive manufacturing, which allows designers to save time and effort on the research and development process. It also provides much needed flexibility in adding detail and variation for highly detailed characters. Instead of using CGI, a physical 3D print prop is developed to bring the Demogorgon to life!

What are the Advantages of 3D Printed Movie Props?

With so many options available in 3D printing, it can be confusing when choosing the right technology for your needs. A significant factor in choosing the right 3D technology for film production is the budget. Depending on the quality you’re looking for, adjustments may need to be made. When making a movie, high quality realism is a main priority, especially when subject matter involves supernatural materials and technologies. A 3D printer that uses multi color technology is a preferred option for filmmakers looking to develop new design possibilities, functionality, and colors. Regardless of the film budget, there are a plethora of advantages to using 3D printed props, including: 

  • Access: As 3D printing technology grows in popularity, access becomes much easier. The local availability of outsourcing 3D printing has increased, which cuts down on transportation costs while saving time. Access to local providers prevents filmmakers from incurring manufacturing and production costs offshore. This can drive the cost of filmmaking through the roof. 
  • Volume: For films that require large volumes of costumes or props, 3D printing is the best cost effective and timely solution. Mass production of film props can take months. Using 3D print props speeds up production for finished products in hours. 
  • Prototyping: Prototypes are a common tool in making decisions on character variation in film. These can be made in a matter of hours using 3D printing props. When design modifications are needed, they can be made quickly and easily in a short amount of time. 
  • On Demand: Since 3D printing uses a digital filing system, any designs can be accessed and adjusted quickly. There is no space requirement needed for a digital library, making printing on demand very convenient. 

Young Designer Engineer Using a 3d Printer in the Laboratory

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