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Earlier in 2018 we were approached about making a giant Paul Bunyan 3D Fabrication as a prop for a major motion picture.  The movie was being filmed not far from from our HQ and with our talented 3D Fabrication team and experience in building 3D props and larger than life 3D creations, this was a no-brainer!

We quickly got to work in planning and setting the file for what would ultimately become a 25 foot statue with a 21″3′ statue and a 4’5″ base.

We started by making a much smaller 3D Printed model of what the final product would look like and with a happy client it was time to start building this beast.  His head was 3D Printed on our large Massivit 3D Printer and once it was printed we sanded it down, made some fine tuning and fixes and it was time to move him into the paint booth.  With his head now done, we moved onto the printing of his two giant hands.  One hand would be in a fist and the other hand would be holding a peavey over his shoulder.

While the finishing team worked on Paul’s head and hands, the 3D Foam carving team got to work on his feet, legs, ams and torso. All of these pieces were built in our FROG3D Carver and Mill machines.

This being such a huge undertaking, the project also required our engineers and installation team to work together with the 3D team to plan out the inner supporting structure that would guarantee strength and stability, so a steel frame was built for the inside of the large 3D prop for support.

Back he would go to the finishing department to put some clothes on Mr Bunyan and then the final piecing together and testing of the entire project before we packaged him up and sent him off to the film set.

Once we were happy with the results of the test build Paul was loaded up onto multiple flatbed trucks and our installation team began the job of carefully and meticulously piecing him together for his moment in front of the camera.

Here are the photos showing the progression of how we built this huge 3D Paul Bunyan

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