At the mention of the term ‘3D’, what comes to most people’s minds is the thought of movies. But what most don’t know is that the 3D movement has also swept into the business world. In fact, it has been in existence for way longer than 3D movies. In what way you ask? Well, businesses are using 3D fabrication in making business signage and in marketing activities such as trade show displays, product launches, experiential marketing and more. The movement has also stretched into theaters and to TV/movie screens where it is used to make props of all shapes and sizes

As a business owner, theater owner, movie producer or advertising and media executive, you should consider using 3D fabrication in your marketing and this is why:

Advertising Outside of the Box

As you walk down the streets of any city today, there are loads and loads of posters and billboards all fighting for your attention. The window stores, bus parks, building walls; they are all crammed with marketing material. As a business owner who is looking to have your business known, you do not want your marketing strategy to be in the same line as other businesses. Yours needs to go against the current and what better way than through 3D fabrication of your signage, your message or your product? This way, any pedestrian walking down the street is bound to have their interest captured and you will have beaten your competition and captured the attention of many.

Your Billboard Message stands out, clearly

For every business started nowadays, there will be several that will emerge to compete with the initial one. For that reason, there is the need to have a strategy where your business stands out from the rest, especially when it comes to marketing. The solution to this problem is Custom 3D fabrication in Marketing, Advertising and Promotions. Business owners have stated that once they adopted 3D signage, their businesses registered an increase in clients or got more attention. This is because it makes the brand stand out and it’s memorable.

Product launches

Business owners have also benefited from 3D fabrication when launching products. This is because 3D fabrication produces a lifelike replica of whatever product one wants made. This way, when a product is being launched, people get to see a replica of the exact product as opposed to a miniature version of it. 3D fabrication also reduces the risk of handling the real product especially if it is delicate.  3D Fabrication allows the advertiser to get creative and present the product in any way, shape or form.

Theater props, Movie Props, Museum Displays and so much more…

Live production theaters are also benefiting from 3D fabrication. Earlier on, theater owners spent a lot of money in buying props which sometimes did not even meet their expectations. However, now they can have 3D props which are exact to the expectations they want.  No matter what the production is, every theater production needs props and Media Resources has just the machines and the artists needed to create whatever your production needs.

Similar for television and movie sets, props are a huge part of any film production for the big screen or the small screen.  Media Resources can build anything from the smallest to the largest props for your science fiction movie to a drama, horror or comedy.  We can build large scale city scenes, galactic planets and spaceships to miniature cities…you name it and the 3D team at Media Resources can produce it.

More Examples of our use of 3D and Creativity on behalf of our clients:

Choose Media Resources for your Custom 3D Fabrication Needs for top results in your Marketing, Advertising, Promotional campaigns and 3D Props.

Media Resources has extensive experience in creative multi-dimensional 3D Signage, 3D Custom Fabrication and 3D Prop solutions to get your message and your campaign noticed. A simple 2D billboard extension can add incredible impact to your message.

A 3D sign execution goes the extra distance to make your brand and message really stand out. Our creative team at Media Resources has been at the forefront of custom 3D fabrication for over 30 years, from the days of custom metal fabrication to modeling, hand sculpting & forming. Now in 2016 Media Resources is again at the leading edge of technology & innovation with our 3D Carving & Sculpting capabilities. VISION3D can bring your brand message, trade show booth, brand mascot or product to life – in any shape or size, in multiple duplicate quantities.

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