BMO Investorline Indoor

BMO Investorline

Media Resources partnered with a Solutions Company to deliver a stunning 4mm indoor display solution for BMO Bank of Montreal for their Investorline Retail location in downtown Toronto. Utilizing Media Resources’ indoor VISIONiQ system with 4mm SMD displays, the project utilized Media Resources to engineer, manufacture and install the display based on the overall design created by the company.

President of the Solutions Company says: “We came to Media Resources based on a review of other projects and referrals. We needed a fast turnaround time and a firm to work with us to take full ownership. They helped us with the LED solution, custom cabinet, network hook up and installation. The project could not have gone over better; and our end customer BMO is very happy!”

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Pro Oil Digital Sign

Pro-Oil in Ajax

Pro Oil Digital Sign

“My business partner and I own multiple oil change franchises. We were looking for ways to increase traffic into our Ajax facility, where we tried advertising in newspapers, billboards and direct mail. We decided to take matters into our own hands and purchase a digital sign from Media Resources Inc. Our new digital sign was installed on our existing sign pylon which displays all tenants of the complex we are in.

Much to our surprise we had seen an immediate increase in traffic through our facility. We now advertise when there are no wait times, we advertise specials and promotions. Our business has increased by well over 25% since we installed the sign. Media Resources’ sign is easy to operate, very easy to program, reliable and the service is prompt and professional. We are now looking at some new locations in other cities but are specific in choosing municipalities which allow full motion digital displays.” Managing Director

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Cieslok Yonge Gerrard

Cieslok: Yonge & Gerrard in Toronto

Media Resources partnered with an Outdoor Media company to create one of the most dynamic and high density digital LED displays in Canada. Located on a rooftop in downtown Toronto at the corner of Yonge and Gerrard, the display location required digital display technology that had a high impact and a high vertical and horizontal viewing angle. Given the viewing distance, it also required a high density LED pixel pitch. With that in mind, the Media company turned to Media Resources’ for the design, fabrication and installation of the LED displays, electrical hook up, and installation of the underlying support structure created by Enseicom. Measuring over 14’ high and over 70’ wide using three wrap around LED faces, the display is the largest 10mm LED display in Canada. It uses Media Resources’ VISIONiQ 10mm SMD (surface mounted display) technology with Media Resources’ control and diagnostics system boards to ensure they are continuously monitored with any alerts sent directly to Media Resources’ service personnel and the client’s team.

Given the positive experience we had with Media Resources on previous LED projects, we turned to them for their expertise for this iconic display in the heart of Toronto’s special sign district. Throughout the project, they helped guide us to a solution that would work for the unique characteristics of the location. The end result is a truly spectacular digital display that is by far the best large format digital display we have ever seen. We are very satisfied with the results; and we know our advertisers will be thrilled.
VP Business Development, Outdoor Media Company
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Olympics Medals Sochi Billboard

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Olympics Medals Sochi Billboard

Tallying our Olympic Pride in Downtown Toronto and Vancouver

During this year’s 2014 Olympics games, Pattison Outdoor had put up a 3D billboard to help tally our Olympic medal standing that our athletes were winning at the Sochi Games. This exciting project was displayed in Toronto and Vancouver; and Media Resources was the chosen partner to print, fabricate and install the components for this unique board.

The substrate used for the 24’ by 48’ main back was printed on flex material, and the oversized 20’ by 20’ maple leaf was entirely made from crezon sheets with red self-adhesive applied to the front. The Olympic 3’ in diameter medals were also made from crezon with gold, silver or bronze self- adhesive vinyl, while the ribbons were made from blue flex.

Media Resources’ print division prepared all the components and assembled the Olympic medals and ribbons. Our install team assembled the maple leaf into two sections and applied self-adhesive vinyl. We then transported the maple leaf, flex face and a skid of Olympic medals to the site near the Gardiner Expressway using our 186’ crane truck to hoist all materials to the structure. We removed the existing face and then installed the new face. Once it was installed, the maple leaf was hoisted and secured to the structure with through bolts.

Every morning Media Resources’ installers would go to the site if any medals were won the day before and add them to the maple leaf as a tally. In total, our proud Olympic team won an outstanding 25 medals for our country.

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Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Breakthrough the Summer Heat with Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Media Resources was given another exciting opportunity to create a 3D display. This time it was for Mike’s Hard Lemonade. An ad agency was our collaborative creative partner and Titan Outdoor was our direct client. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, next to Dundas Square, above the Hard Rock Café, displays the oversized Mike’s Hard Lemonade can. The can is fabricated using a skeleton frame made out of wood, wrapped in sintra, and then HD printed graphics were applied. Custom fabricated sintra was molded to create a tear away effect giving the illusion that the can was breaking through the steel wall.

The entire metal can structure is 10’ high x 5’5” in circumference and the billboard is a 19 high’ x 26’ wide backlit. Accompanying the 3D sign is a trivision to the right and on either sides of the building, a digital LED ad is on the left and a traditional billboard is on the right side. The structure will be on display for the rest of the summer to remind on-lookers to quench their thirst with Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

The Media Resources team was generous with their expertise and experience when it came to assistance with design, engineering, installation, set-up and operation. A coordinated effort ensured a successful implementation to the customer’s satisfaction.
President, Ad Agency
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Rickards Cardigan

Rickard’s Introduces New Beer with the Unraveling of a Sweater

Molson brand Rickard’s introduced their new crafted spiced lager called Cardigan during the Fall. Rethink, an ad agency approached Media Resources to collaborate on their concept of a 3D sweater billboard. The 28 day campaign in Toronto consisted of a sweater image that was unraveled over a 10 day span in sections made out of foam. Media Resources’ specialized team designed the fabrication of the sweater using hand painted foam weaved into an argyle pattern. The pattern was mounted in a number of individual sections that created the entire sweater image. Once installed on the billboard, each section was removed giving the impression the sweater was unraveling into a 3D spindle of yarn. At the end of unraveling, there was a message behind the sweater that revealed the beer was “Only Here for Fall”.

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Bull Tracktor

Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce

Savour Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce this Summer with our Bulldozer BBQ

Summer is fast approaching which means backyard barbecuing is here. An ad agency, came up with a brilliant idea of promoting Kraft Dinner’s Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce using a life size tractor that would resemble a bull with an actual working grill. Media Resources was the chosen manufacturer to bring their concept to life.

The bulldozer BBQ is a KIOTI RX6010 PC with industrial tires. The built-in barbecue bottom is fabricated from cold rolled steel and aircraft grade aluminum with a firebrick liner and SS sliding fireboxes that weighs a total of 370lbs. The grilling area is 15 sq. ft. consisting of four grills. The bull’s snout has a handle that acts as a nose ring and is made from a solid brass tube and has cut out nostrils for smoke to escape. The 42” long horns are sculpted from foam and covered in fiberglass with custom red airbrushing. The windows have digitally printed graphics on perforated vinyl applied. The wheel covers add a finishing touch, they are CNC machined made from sintra with a digital print of the Bull’s-Eye logo.

The bulldozer BBQ made its first debut in downtown Toronto. It’s now en route across Ontario and will be a true show stopper and conversation piece, sampling the ever delicious Bull’s-Eye BBQ steak sauce that is guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

We were asked by our client to create a bold experience for the Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce summer events. When we landed on the BULLDOZER-BQ, we knew we needed to find a partner who we could trust to bring the idea to life for us. The Media Resources team did just that. Their experience with custom fabrication, transportation and installation meant that we could one-stop-shop the execution for the BBQ. The custom metal, foam, fibreglass, paint and vinyl graphics work on this project have been excellent and the end product has really lived up to our expectations.
Director of Production at Ad Agency
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Pop Up Store

Spectro Pop-Up Store

Spectro Pop-Up Store

Pop-Up Stores are short lived retail venues that take over a vacant retail space for quick promotion. The budget for this project was very tight given the short duration of the project. We met with the the ad agency at the location to review the requirements and take measurements. All graphics had to go up quickly and be removable without any indication they were ever there. We suggested FSC certified green products for the interior portion of the job. 3mm thick paper board panels were the economical choice for adorning the walls while the staircase surround was clad in a printed removable self-adhesive polyester material. The added benefit of these materials versus the usual suspects was threefold – no off-gassing, incredibly economical and 100% blue box recyclable.

The exterior of the store was adorned with a printed self-adhesive vinyl specifically developed for textured wall surfaces while the letters were routered out of wood with LED lights wrapped around the perimeter of each letter. The sidewalk sign was printed using 3/16” crezon. This assignment was just one of countless examples where we work with our clients to provide the best solutions to meet their unique requirements – on time and within budget.

We called Media Resources to help us out on a no-time and little money Pop-Up Shop for our Spectro client. Our timing was tight as we only had the store for four weeks and one week was the event. Add another week to measure everything out and finalize the art and there’s not a lot of time to get things done. What was really important was the recommendation in the selection of the materials that worked within our budget as well as facilitating the easy removal of the decals. Will Thomson and his crew produced the banner, posters, and large decals that decorated the shop in time for the event and to everyone’s satisfaction. We had a very successful promotion thanks in part to the team at Media Resources
Partner, Ad Agency
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fallsview chips

Fallsview Casino-3D Climbing Poker Chips

Climbing 3D Poker Chips at Dundas Square

Going to the casino is enjoyed year round, just like the visual impact that was created for Fallsview Casino in the most prime location of downtown Toronto. Media Resources partnered with an ad agency to design and fabricate a 3D large format billboard for Fallsview Casino that was installed next to Dundas Square.

With the agency’s creativity, Media Resources built and carved 19” high x 18’ wide poker chips and 10’ tall climbers out of foam, including a steel structure to hold everything in place. The total weight of the structure was 7,500lbs and took a span of eight weeks to build and one week to install. The climbers are equipped with actual mountain climbing gear; one dressed for summer and the other for winter, which we change out twice a year.

The 3D billboard was awarded the 2012 Best Outdoor Advertisement by the American Gaming Association.

The Media Resources team was generous with their expertise and experience when it came to assistance with design, engineering, installation, set-up and operation. A coordinated effort ensured a successful implementation to the customer’s satisfaction.
President, Ad Agency
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led digital displays

Sarmiento, Argentina

led digital displays

Standard 20mm pixel share Flat Panels in Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina

A top outdoor advertising companies in Argentina confirms their partnership with Media Resources by choosing MRI for their latest projects using 20mm pixel share cabinet LED systems.

After successful implementing the digital bus shelters project in Mar del Plata, Argentina, The same company came back to MRI for other key landmarks LED projects. Including a custom-made, 5.5m x 10.9m, corner unit LED panel with a 45 degree wrap in the middle going in one of their premiere sites in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Another LED panel measuring 6m x 22m was installed in Buenos Aires and a third 5.76 m x 11.52m in Cordoba, Argentina.

After evaluating and testing different suppliers from around the world, we decided to partner with Media Resources for their broad knowledge and experience in the outdoor industry and their complete project integration and turnkey solution to our needs.
President, Outdoor Advertising Company
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Publicom Outdoor, Peru

Media Resources Partners with an Advertising Outdoor company to Install First LED Display in Peru

An Advertising Outdoor company from Peru approached Media Resources for their digital LED display project, the first of their multiple screen projects, was installed in Arequipa, Peru. After a thorough evaluation of multiple suppliers in Peru, U.S.A. and Asia, Publicom decided to team up with Media Resources.

The recently installed LED is a 16’ high by 40’ wide display using our 20mm LED technology capable of displaying any type of content including full color pictures, videos, text and live feeds. Media Resources built the LED sign, provided support to determine structure modifications and managed the installation in Peru with a trained on-site technician. As part of our full solution, we will continue to provide on-going support and maintenance with a Spanish-speaking team of professionals.

Media Resources commitment to take the project forward from the structure all the way to the installation of the LED display, along with their professionalism in resolving the difficulties, have been instrumental in bringing this project forward.
Sales Director, Out-of-Home Company
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Publicidad Sarmiento, Argentina


Media Resources’ LED Technology for Digital Bus Shelters

Last year, one of the top outdoor advertising companies in Argentina, once again led the way by using Media Resources’ innovative and custom made LED technology for bus shelters. The digital bus shelters initiative was deployed in Mar del Plata, Argentina, just in time for the summer holidays in this beautiful touristic city by the ocean south east of Argentina.

Advertisers heavily support the digital bus shelter program and complementing to this as a service to the community, the ad agency displays bus schedules, local information like weather and news from MDZ. Using digital bus shelters produces efficiency in communication while lowering maintenance and operational costs of replacing ads. All of these factors result in a very positive return on investment.

After evaluating and testing different suppliers from around the world, we decided to partner with Media Resources for their broad knowledge and experience in the outdoor digital advertising industry and their complete project integration and turnkey solution to our needs
President, Outdoor Advertising Company
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AdQ Digital LED Edmonton

AdQ Media

Curved LED Spectacular in Edmonton

Media Resources was selected by a Media company to create some innovative digital outdoor advertising structures for the Edmonton market.

Using our innovative 10mm SMD VISION iQ modules with full diagnostics, Media Resources fabricated four custom curved LED displays each measuring approximately 12’ high x 25’ wide. To provide the full solution, Media Resources engineered the support structure, installed the foundation, structure and digital faces and assisted the company with the selection of the supporting scheduling software.

We selected Media Resources for many reasons. Their upfront technical advise, their ability to do custom engineering, the quality and completeness of their all encompassing VISION iQ LED system and their
ability to give us the complete solution from design to manufacturing to installation and on-going servicing and support. We could not be happier with our decision.
Preseident, Media Company
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Cieslok Media

Leading the Way in Out of Home Advertising, the Start of Multiple Displays

A Media company is a leader in digital OOH (Out of Home) and continues to grow their vast national network in major markets across Canada. Focused on pairing the largest boards in hand selected, high impact locations with the latest and greatest in digital technologies, The company has selected Media Resources as their partner for the build-out of a back to back 14’x48’, 16mm LED display in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Media Resources acted as the overall Project Manager, building the digital LED displays and flag mounted structure, as well as installing and commissioning all components.

We are pleased to have partnered with Media Resources, and the quality of work received. The LEDs were delivered on time and on budget with no downtime since being installed. The system has a full diagnostics and reporting function built-in so we receive real-time updates on the pulse of the display status. We are very pleased with the results.
President, Out-of-Home Company
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Fanshawe College

Bringing a Little Times Square to Fanshawe College Custom Design, Installation for a Digital LED Corner Building Wrap

“Fanshawe College wanted to have a world-class iconic digital display on our new Centre for Digital and Performance Arts in downtown London Ontario,” said Presiden of Fanshawe College.

“The LED display we purchased from Media Resources allows us to broadcast vibrant and colourful images of Fanshawe College to the downtown neighbourhood. The sign is amazing – split onto two sides of the building, we like to think it’s bringing Times Square to downtown London as a visible sign that Fanshawe College has arrived.”

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DIgital LED TIFF Lightbox

Toronto’s TIFF Bell Lightbox

Drawing in More Crowds at Toronto’s TIFF Bell Lightbox

Cineplex Digital Media Inc. (CDS) was looking to create a stunning and captivating outdoor entrance way for the new TIFF Bell Lightbox Centre on King Street in Toronto. Media Resources was excited at the opportunity and partnered with CDS to work on this project for the iconic cultural landmark. We built the LED displays, collaborated on the design with Envison, dry fitted the complete solution at our shop and installed all elements of the project on site.

The digital LED displays consist of two 6.6mm LED displays, each measuring 3’ 10” high x 13’ 6” wide and are mounted on the ceiling of the main entrance. Included with the project, are several LCD outdoor displays along with LED lighting panels to provide vehicular and pedestrian viewing of upcoming TIFF events. The new LED digital displays will be a prominent edition when TIFF hosts their exhibits and film festivals.

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Windsor Star Interactive


Interactive Spectacular LED Displays in Downtown Windsor

Media Resources was selected by Sign company to supply spectacular LED displays that wrap around the corner of the new Windsor Star building in Windsor, Ontario. The top display is a high resolution 16mm pixel shared unit measuring 18’ high by 45’ wide with a bottom ribbon board measuring 5’ high by 42’ wide to create a stunning visual effect. These signs will be used as part of the new Windsor entertainment district to display images, show live feeds of sporting events, news, and act as an interactive display to engage the audience on the street.

As a leader in the industry, of sign and structural manufacturing, we manage and install traditional and spectacular projects. We were pleased to have selected Media Resources as our LED display partner for the impressive Windsor Star wall system. We valued the cooperation of Media Resources in the planning process, recommendations of modules, design and fabrication of LED displays, and support services. We endeavour to deliver exceptional results and commend Media Resources for their bright contributions.
Owner & CEO, Sign Company
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10mm 20x20 Digital LED Billboard

Look Outdoor

10mm 20x20 Digital LED Billboard

Lighting Up Downtown Atlanta with Media Resources’ Marvel Technology.

Media Resources partnered with an Outdoor company to design, manufacture and install two spectacular 10mm SMD digital LED displays in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The two displays, one 18’ by 18’ and the second 11’ by 40’, we believe are the largest 10mm boards in North America outside of Time Square in New York. The displays use Media Resources’ innovative waterproof VISIONiQ LED system with full diagnostics.

Visually stunning, the boards were also an engineering marvel. The larger board for instance is sandwiched between glass on the front and building pillars, 9” away on the back. Given the sign still had to be moveable in sections to allow for servicing and the cleaning of the glass, Media Resources also had to create an engineered rail system that allows the display to move while maintaining incredibly close tolerances. The display will be used to attract national and local advertisers alike given its prime location.

Media Resources was selected from over 5 companies because of their ability to provide the whole solution. They worked with us hand in hand to design, engineer, manufacture and install the displays. They are a great partner and were very flexible and accommodating to our needs. We look forward to working with them on additional projects we have planned
President, Outdoor Company
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10mm Outdoor DIgital LED Display

Ed Mirvish Theatre

A Media company, has, once again, retained the services of Media Resources to meet the demands of his customers’ requirements for digital signs. The president of the Media Company first worked with Keith Edwards and his team in 1987 when he created the first large-scale digital spectacular sign on the Gardiner Expressway for Molson Breweries.

The Ed Mirvish Theatre is one of the largest live theatre venues in Toronto, seating 2,300 patrons. This theatre was formerly known as the Pantages Theatre. Today’s reality in the live theatre business sees much shorter runs for shows; sometimes as short as one week. Fixed-faced signs requiring printed faces and crane trucks to remove and replace are, in some cases, cost prohibitive.

Mr. David Mirvish of Mirvish Productions travels extensively to theatres in New York and London to see shows that he might like to bring to Toronto audiences. He sees the evolution of theatre marquees as he travels and digital signs are an increasingly modern method of communicating to audiences as they approach the venue. The permit process with the City of Toronto was not easy. Before a permit could be considered, ID Inc. had to convince Heritage Preservation Services and the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Association of the merits of the proposal.

Today, the Ed Mirvish Theatre is selling its shows on a continuous basis, 24 hours per day. “This is the future of theatre marquees and Media Resources has been an excellent partner in making it happen.”

The Media Resources team was generous with their expertise and experience when it came to assistance with design, engineering, installation, set-up and operation. A coordinated effort ensured a successful implementation to the customer’s satisfaction.
President, Media Company
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New LED Displays for National Bank of Canada

National Bank of Canada New

New LED Displays for National Bank of Canada

New LED Displays for National Bank of Canada’s Flagship Location

The National Bank of Canada was looking to update to new LED displays for their flagship location in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. iGotcha Media, a software and content creation company, introduced and partnered with Media Resources on the opportunity. Once selected, Media Resources designed, built and installed two stunning digital LED displays using our new 10mm VISIONiQ sealed module technology. The first sign was a 10’ high x 14’ wide video wall, and the second sign was a beautiful 2.2’ high x 60’ wide curved ticker tape display. The project was awarded the 2012 Award of Merit for LED installations by the Sign Association of Canada.

Media Resources was the perfect partner for this project. They helped us understand what was possible. Using their VISIONiQ sealed module technology, Media Resources designed and installed two LED displays that looked incredible and worked seamlessly with our software. We couldn’t be happier with the service and support Media Resources provided us.
President, Media Technology Company
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