Total Outdoor

June 20, 2018

Company Name: TOTAL Outdoor

Client Name & Title: Drew Hoffman, Executive Vice President

Project: Auburn Mall

Details of Job: 4 – 14 x 48 20mm SITELINE Light Trespass Technology Displays



Install 4 digital billboards at a highly desirable interstate location.


Local municipality did not want light from digital billboards shinning into neighboring homes and so would not issue permits.


SITELINE Light Trespass Technology

SITELINE, patent pending, was developed by Media Resources as a way of eliminating a common digital display objection – we don’t want to see a digital display!  With SITELINE viewers on the designated roadway are able to see the images while people outside of a specified angle are blocked from seeing them.  It has been successfully used to help Outdoor companies overcome objections to installing digital billboards near airports, high end residential areas and other locations where they were previously prohibited.


TOTAL’s efforts had been blocked by community objections.  We searched the industry for a way to get around their objections and discovered SITELINE by Media Resources.

Media Resources evaluated the locations using their proprietary software and let us know SITELINE would solve the communities objections.  They worked with us over an extended period of time supporting us at every step even sending their lead optical expert to present the technology to a Special Town Meeting.  They also sent something that turned out to be just as important, a demonstration display.

After the meeting we asked the Representatives to walk out and look at the display, which had been placed parallel to the building 100’ to the left of the door.  They saw – nothing!

As they walked toward the display, to a position similar to how motorists would be viewing them, the images were fully viewable.  Thanks to Media Resources we had proven the technology would do exactly what had been presented and the permits were approved.

We couldn’t have done it without the dedicated efforts of our team at Media Resources.

– Drew Hoffman