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VISIONiQ and the Tallest Pylon Sign in Arizona

The end of the year celebrated another spectacular Media Resources project, the tallest pylon sign in Arizona!

YESCO’s firing up of the unit coincided with the opening of the 202 freeway and the new “Vee Quiva Way” exit which connects all 3 Gila River properties: Wild Horse Pass; Lone Butte; Vee Quiva. Notably, all three properties now feature VISIONiQ displays!

Vee Quiva Casino Arizona, Tallest Pylon in AZ

The pylon stands 120’ tall and features twin 38’H x 25’W 16.67mm 400 Series VISIONiQ displays. Driving uptime and reliability, the displays were built with full redundancy, diagnostics, lifetime alerting and monitoring. Our exclusive redundancy/backup systems includes data signal, scanning/receiving cards, controller and photocell.

Visually stunning, the displays utilize advanced optics to produce the best images in the industry. From our innovative Optically Down Angled LEDs (direct light towards the viewer) to our exclusive offset pixel design (wider view angles), every optical element has been tuned to perfection.

Brains and beauty, that’s a sure bet.

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Hard Rock Fire Mountain — The Definition of Spectacular LED Displays

Hard Rock Fire Mountain’s grand opening was earlier this month with the ribbon cutting done in front of their new digital displays. The displays by YESCO using Media Resources display technology truly deserves the term spectacular!

When we saw the artist’s rendering, we were blown away by the innovation. Fortunately for us, the fact that it was so innovative was key in the decision to go with Media Resources. After all, with over 50 years of custom signage experience throughout the Americas, who knows more?

Hard Rock, Artists Concept

Hard Rock Spectacular Flames

The display consists of seven custom built undulating columns using our VISIONiQ 10mm SMD modules. The center column is 46′ 2.3″ high x 5′ 3″ wide (1408p x 160p) with six other columns of decreasing height.

To ensure operation is not compromised by system issues, it was built with VISIONiQ’s industry leading Redundancy Systems.

  • 2-way real time data flow for all modules
  • Redundant scanning cards
  • Redundant photocells with auto dimming sensor
  • Redundant controller

Since it would be viewed so closely, manufacturing precision had to be extremely tight. All the columns had to match perfectly from the steel supports to the cabinets to the module mounting.

Hard Rock Construct

Kudos to the team that came up with this concept. We’re proud to have helped it come to life. It truly is a work of art and a spectacular LED digital display.

For Spectacular information

Hard Rock Spectacular

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Installing a digital billboard

Building and Installing a Digital LED Billboard

Building and Installing a Digital LED Billboard

Designing, engineering, building and installing a digital LED billboard is no small task and at Media Resources we do it all from scratch from sizing and cutting the metal work to piecing the whole thing together, without the use of welding to all of the electical wiring and programming the LED components.  If that wasn’t enough we also make sure the entire unit is sealed tight and waterproofed, that the LED components are perfectly lined up and the whole unit is put together and tested right in our warehouse.  Then, we take it all apart and prep it for shipping, we load it safely onto a transport truck and we follow it to it’s new home and we install the whole thing.

What you, the consumer see’s when you drive by one of these huge LED billboards is all just the icing on the cake, below we will take you through the steps required to design, engineer, build and install a 14×48 foot long digital LED Billboard.


Custom extrusions are shipped to Media Resources from the supplier and stored until needed for a new build, at which time they are carefully inspected before production begins. Since Media Resources uses an extrusion-based construction we use this CNC saw to perform any end cuts and miters. An operator programs angles and dimensions and the machine is able to make 2 simultaneous cuts on both ends with incredible accuracy and speed. This greatly improves production throughput and consistency.


The frames are then laid out and assembled with a number of dimensional checks along the way. We use a number of jigs and clamps to ensure straightness and square-ness of the entire frame. This is critical as even the smallest mis-dimensions can affect the visual quality of an LED display.

The frames are then laid out and assembled with a number of dimensional checks along the way. We use a number of jigs and clamps to ensure straightness and square-ness of the entire frame. This is critical as even the smallest mis-dimensions can affect the visual quality of an LED display.


Building and installing a digital led billboard

The Media Resources VISIONiQ large frame system, colloquially referred to as “Big Iron”, requires absolutely no welding or drilling in its construction. This mitigates any potential quality defects due to the high craftsmanship requirement of welding or other human error. To create very long lengths, we use a combination of bolted plates and acrylic adhesive at the splice points, guaranteeing that these become actually the strongest parts of the section; this has been a known failure point in competitor’s systems.


Building and installing a digital led billboard

While our metalworking team is constructing the frame, our router team will be cutting faceplates and other auxiliary components using our CNC router. The faceplates will eventually hold the VISIONiQ modules. Because the faceplates are identical, the router team is able to build up a reserve of pieces so production is able to flow.


Building and installing a digital led billboard

Once the faceplates are cut and finished they are placed onto the box, aligned with a special jig and riveted into the extrusion frame. Rivet chases in the extrusion frame gather the rivets and position the faceplates automatically for a precise fit.


After the metalwork assembly is complete, a full inspection guarantees the frame is ready for population. The frame is then mounted to a moveable bracket system with castors that doubles as a shipping bracket. The population team then installs the LED modules, places power and control components, routes and connects cables/wiring, installs cabinet doors and hooks up the unit for test. Specialists then produce and install the networking and computing equipment into the door-mounted compartments.

Building and installing a digital led billboard

With all the assembly complete and subsystems tested, the entire board, sometimes produced in multiple sections, is fitment tested on our lifting gantries. Every board undergoes a high-power “burn-in” session of a minimum 48 hours to ensure that weaker components are “shaken out” before leaving the plant. Finally the board is inspected for visual quality and calibrated for colour accuracy.


Building and installing a digital led billboard

With testing complete and having been inspected my multiple levels of experts and management we disassemble the construction and slowly and carefully load the components onto the truck for shipping and delivery.


Building and installing a digital led billboard

Once on-site, the full size digital bulletin is lifted from the truck and quickly assembled on the ground before being lifted in a single piece. The Media Resources “Big Iron” system can be safely lifted with a two-point pick up with no spreader bar.


Building and installing a digital led billboard

Once lifted, the board is rested on its ledger brackets at the bottom, and a number of clamping features grip the steel I-beams to secure it in place. Finally, once electrical is hooked up and the onboard cellular modem makes its connection to the internet, the board is operational and generating revenue on the very same day.



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Consac Imagemakers 2014 & Openhouse

Media Resources is exhibiting at this year’s Consac Show. Watch for us at booth #255 and #804. We’re featuring our VISIONiQ system.

Also, on Friday September 19 we have a our Open House at 1387 Cornwall Road in Oakville. Tour our manufacturing facility and see our large format digital print presses at work, as well as our Digital LED team building large spectacular displays!



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