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Celebrating Wayne Johnston: 50 Years a Bill Poster

After 49 years of service, Wayne Johnston recently retired from Media Resources. We already miss his cheery disposition! Wayne started with Media Resources in 1969 as a bill poster. He said he liked the job “because of the freedom”. Once you leave the shop “you’re on your own.”

newspaper clippings of bill poster Wayne Johnston

Wayne wasn’t always alone though. For some reason local newspapers seemed to follow him around taking photos of him at work, even putting him on the front page back in ’89.

newspaper clippings of bill poster Wayne Johnston at work

Like the mailman, nothing slowed Wayne until he needed a hip replacement at age 62. Most folks think about retiring at that age but not Wayne. After all, outdoor advertising professionals don’t retire, they just get reposted! In Wayne’s case he was reposted to our Transit Shelter department posting standard bus shelters and 3D “super shelters.”

Wayne stayed with Media Resources for 9 more years, retiring at age 71. Fifty years with one company ⁠— that says a lot about the man and the company!

We miss Wayne already and wish him the best in his new posting, retirement.

Thanks Wayne!!

Jeff Rushton & Keith Edwards Co-Owners MRI; Wayne Johnston; Terry Paskal VP Operations

Jeff Rushton & Keith Edwards Co-Owners MRI; Wayne Johnston; Terry Paskal VP Operations

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Neon Makes Transit Shelter POP for Out of Home Advertising

Good Out of Home Advertising creative gets people’s attention and sells product. But is there a way to create even more attention? Of course, just call the folks at Media Resources 3D Fabrication Department! When our client, Astral – Bell Media, asked if we could help CHUM FM’s transit advertising program generate even more attention we were all in. The bright idea – neon augmentation.


We looked at the new faux neon products, but they didn’t have as much pop as the real thing. Plus traditional neon has a certain cachet. Working with Astral Outdoor (a Bell Media property) we installed the neon augmented transit ads at 3 locations around Toronto. The POP could almost be heard!!

About Transit Shelter Out of Home Advertising

Often strategically located along busy streets in major metropolitan cities, a Transit Shelter can provide excellent exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Transit Shelters give consumers something to look at while they’re waiting for the bus, making them particularly effective for Out of Home advertising point-of-purchase and directional information.
  • Stationary ad space located along busy bus routes
  • Provides eye-level visibility to pedestrians and vehicular traffic in major cities
  • Targets specific audiences and reaches areas that other out-of-home advertising can’t go
  • Effective medium for point-of-purchase, ethnic or geographic marketing

Everyone’s drawn to our state-of-the-art 3D printer but as this example shows there’s more then 1 way to liven up a transit shelter. For examples of our previous transit shelter programs check out the projects shown below.


If you have a 3D project you’d like to discuss, transit shelter or otherwise, drop us a line using the form below and we’ll get right back to you.


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