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Press Release: Media Resources Inc. Enters the World of 3D Printing

Media Resources Inc. Enters the World of 3D Printing

June 12th, 2017

Oakville, Ontario – June 12th, 2017 – Media Resources Inc., an integrated sign services and manufacturing company in Oakville, Ontario has expanded their custom 3D fabrication capabilities adding to their long list of service offerings.  Now, in addition to custom 3D milling and carving they can now offer full 3D printing on what is the largest 3D Printer in Canada and only the 4th of its kind in North America.

Having been a major supplier to the sign and out of home industry for over 50 years, Media Resources has been offering 3D custom fabrications for over 10 years.  Always wanting to stay on top of new technology and innovations, Media Resources started with hand crafting custom creations, moving into 3D Milling and Hot Wire Foam cutting in early 2016.  Now in 2017 they have purchased two 3D printers, offering customers the option to print in small or large scale from any 3D digital file, creating state of the art lifelike reproductions of anything you can dream up.

“We have always offered our customers the option of 3D, whether via artistic molding and hand painting or with our 3D Carving machines, now we are very excited to add full 3D printing to our service offerings” says Jeff Rushton, Co-Owner, President and CEO of Media Resources.

Steve Gallow, Co-Owner and Chairman of Media Resources states “The possibilities with 3D Printing are literally endless, we now have the ability to improve upon and add to the services we offer our existing client base while opening the doors to entirely new markets and verticals such as museums, architectural, exhibit companies, entertainment, prop and production companies just to name a few.”

About Media Resources Inc

Established in 1967 Media Resources is an integrated sign services and manufacturing company providing Large Format Printing, Digital LED Displays, 3D Fabrication and 3D Printing, Sign Installation services to the sign and display industry. Media Resources has completed work in Canada, the United States, Central and South America


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3D Custom Fabrication | 3D Signs | 3D Props

Custom 3D Fabrication Means Endless Marketing Possibilities

Custom 3D Fabrications, 3D Signage, 3D Props: Our 3D solutions get your message and your campaign noticed.



A 3D fabricated sign execution goes the extra distance to make your brand and message really stand out. Our creative team at Media Resources has been at the forefront of custom 3D fabrication for over 30 years, from the days of custom metal fabrication to modeling, hand sculpting & forming. Now, Media Resources is again at the leading edge of technology & innovation with our 3D Carving & Sculpting capabilities. VISION3D can bring your brand message, trade show booth, brand mascot, movie or stage prop or product to life – in any shape or size, in multiple duplicate quantities.

Utilizing Advanced Technlogy for Lifelike 3D Props and Creations

We utilize the most advanced routering equipment, matched with the industries most talented artisans and artists to reproduce any product in full 3D.  If you have a concept or just a dream, we can make it reality – reproducing items in exact detail hundreds of feet high!


3D Custom Fabrication | 3D Signs | 3D Props

Media Resources Inc 3D Mill for 3D fabrication and cutting.



Bring your 3D Creation to Life

All images are digitally scanned and our 4 axes router will carve out pieces of high-density foam. The foam is assembled and coated with resin or fiberglass to ensure longevity, whatever the environment. All pieces are further sculptured to ensure an exact match and hand airbrushed to match the original. Adding an electronic element is never a problem as we can make pieces light up, move or rotate. Give us a challenge then stand back, watch and be amazed.


3D Carved, formed and hand painted pumpkin made by the artists at Media Resources Inc

3D Carved, formed and hand painted pumpkin made by the artists at Media Resources Inc

Highly Experienced 3D Artisans

New technologies and fresh thinking are changing what is possible and we are at the forefront of this change, making smart use of technology and opening up the potential of this ever growing medium of custom 3D Fabrication.

With a team of highly skilled artists on staff, MRI has earned a reputation for being able to reproduce any concept or idea into a spot-on 3D duplication.  At our facility we house the latest, state-of-the-art 4 axes router, giving us the capacity to reproduce your display with exacting detail – to any size and to any scale.



Movie and Television Sets, Theatre Props, Museum Displays & More

Our artisans will ensure your 3D display is hand finished and painted to make it an exact copy of the original. Currently we supply 3D displays to the entertainment, engineering/architectural/ construction and outdoor advertising communities, movie and television production studios, theaters and museums.


The possibilities of 3D Carving, 3D Milling and 3D Fabrication are literally endless, if you, your company, ad agency or client are looking try something new, give us a call and let’s set up an appointment.  We’ll bring you in for a tour of our facility and show you how our 3D department operates and show you some examples of our work.


Call us at 1-800-667-4554 to book a meeting to discuss your 3D Needs, or you can use our CONTACT PAGE to send us an email.
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