Service Support

In order to assist our technicians in delivering fast and accurate service, please accompany all service requests with as many of the following items as possible:

  • Display model and serial number
  • Detailed description of the issue
  • A photo of the display, with any issues (if applicable) clearly marked
  • The name of the Media Resources distributor where the display was purchased
  • Contact information where our technician can reach you
  • Street address of the display

Learning & Training Centre

End-User Training for Display Operation

If you have recently purchased a Media Resources display and would like more information on its features and operation, or if you are an existing customer who would like to refresh your knowledge on the operation of our hardware or software packages, please contact us.

Technician Training for Display Service

If you are a technician with experience in electrical, sign installation, or maintenance, and you are interested in becoming a Media Resources Authorized Service Technician or if you are already a Media Resources Authorized Service Technician, please contact us.


This is the client software you need to download in order to get remote desktop support from us

Download Software and User Manuals