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Signs Unlimited was founded in 1976, and built their reputation over 35 years by providing the highest level of service possible.

In June of 2017, Media Resources acquired US sign installation, service and restoration Company, Signs Unlimited with headquarters in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Now wholly owned by Media Resources, this arm of Media Resources Inc specializes in sign installation and service exclusively, including high-rise, freestanding, and building signage. We excel at changeover and re-imaging projects of almost any size and scope, often within very brief time frames.

Signs Unlimited specializes in sign installation and service to local, regional and national companies. If you are considering our firm becoming your installation and service partner, we’d like you to know some of the advantages we offer:

We are Focused Signs Unlimited specializes in sign installation and service exclusively, including high-rise, freestanding, and building signage.  We excel at changeover and re-imaging projects of almost any size and scope, often within very brief timeframes.

We are Experienced Founded in 1976, we have built our reputation over 35 years by providing the highest level of service possible.

We Always Meet our Deadlines In the history of our company, we have never missed a required deadline or client requested completion date. Thank you for your interest in Signs Unlimited. It would be our pleasure to represent you and your customer base.

Signs Unlimited’s installation and service team comprises highly trained, skilled and experienced team members.  Our lead installation and service staff average over 30 years of sign industry experience. We are experienced with installation, repair, refurbishment and retrofit of existing exterior building facades and finishes,  including associated awning canopies and related building structures.

We also specialize in completing unusual, difficult and seemingly “impossible” projects. Our Senior Management Team has over 100 combined years of industry experience in the management of construction, signage and re-branding industries.

We have the ability and commitment to expand our project management team on short notice to handle projects of varying scope and size, and we staff projects with team members that fit the “scope of work” that we are entrusted to execute.

All of these capabilities, coupled with our company-wide commitment to performance, quality and service, all translate into projects that are completed in a superior manner unparalleled within the industry.

In addition to our offices in Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Jacksonville, Florida; we can also set up an office if needed. Pending the scope of your project, Signs Unlimited has the ability to quickly set up a mobile field office inclusive of Project Management and Field Operations Staff as required to meet the needs of large scale conversion, re-branding or specialty installation requirements

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Signs Unlimited is heavily invested in having the right tools and equipment for the job.  Our fleet of cranes, 40-130 ft. aerial lifts, swing stages, and service trucks cover the full range of requirements for projects of almost any size.

We place a great deal of emphasis on being equipped with well-maintained, state-of-the-art tools to ensure that we are prepared to meet your project needs with confidence and assurance.

Our 20,000 square-foot warehouse and office was designed to house finished product awaiting installation, maintenance supply inventories, installation equipment.

Our facility is positioned on a 4-acre tract of land, with ample room for equipment storage as well as a 2-acre secure fenced area dedicated solely to product storage. We know the value of having the best tools and most reliable equipment available.

It’s another reason we excel.

Over the last 30 years, we have earned a reputation built upon the unsurpassed quality of our sign installation and service.  These are some of the client partners who have entrusted their projects to Signs Unlimited:

  • Adcon
  • Allen Industries
  • Atlas Sign Industries
  • Burton Sign Works
  • Chandler Signs
  • Colite International
  • Cummings Inc.
  • Daktronics, Inc.
  • Dualite
  • Entera
  • Everbrite
  • Federal Heath
  • Florida Centerline Group
  • Gable Signs
  • Harbinger
  • Hilton Displays
  • The ICON Companies
  • Magna Sign
  • MC Sign
  • NW Sign Industries
  • Pattison Sign Group
  • Persona
  • Philadelphia Sign Company
  • SignArt
  • Sign Productions, Inc.
  • Southwest Signs
  • Starlite Sign
  • Walton Signs

Signs Unlimited

3542 Pineville-Rock Hill Road (SC Hwy 51) Fort Mill, SC 29715 (803) 548-1303  

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Our Services

Signs Unlimited specializes in turn-key sign installation, which is our core competency.  We leave sign sales, design and manufacturing to National and Regional sign companies choosing to focus on this discipline and hope that you will find us both a good resource and fit for your firm.  By keeping our focus clear we are able to delivery quality installation support for our customer base on a consistent basis.

High-Rise Services

Signs Unlimited specializes in high-rise installation & service, which is also a core competency for our firm. Our vast experience over our 35 year history provides us with the confidence necessary to tackle the most challenging and unusual of circumstances from an installation perspective. There are not many installation resources available within the industry that can truly be considered a high-rise professional; we feel very fortunate that, based on the large percentage of high-rise work that we perform, we have earned this credential.

Our high-rise division has encountered virtually every circumstance that one might encounter from a rigging and equipment stand-point. We perform high-rise installation and service utilizing a combination of the following: Swing Stage, Construction Crane, Custom/Specialized rooftop rigging, repelling, etc. Our team is prepared to work with you and your customer to determine the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective approach from an installation stand-point.

Service & Maintenance is a daily activity at Signs Unlimited and based on the diversity of our service offerings we are often times positioned to assist you and your client basis in a variety of markets.  Each of the trucks within our fleet are equipped with materials necessary for service & maintenance work.  In addition, a portion of our fleet is dedicated to the service & maintenance requirements of our customer base. From a maintenance stand-point, Signs Unlimited has participated with numerous sign product cleaning initiatives.  Over the past couple of years we have provided cleaning and maintenance support to over 5,000 facilities along the Eastern Seaboard. We realize the importance of timely completion of service calls and strive to complete the majority of all open service calls within 24-48 hours of receipt of customer request.
Signs Unlimited has built a quality Project Management team, a diverse blend of industry and business professionals who collaborate multiple times daily to ensure that the needs of our customer base are being met, and that our resources are being utilized as efficiently as possible. When entrusted with a project our team of professionals take ownership and work extremely hard to ensure that you are provided with timely updates that are required to keep your customer informed as to project status. From the administrative side to the field, we are appreciative of each opportunity that we are entrusted to deliver.


Existing signage removals are oftentimes required in conjunction with conversion, re-imaging, rebranding or new store construction/remodeling.  Signs Unlimited is prepared and uniquely equipped to handle de-branding requirements to your specifications, including restoration of building fascias to like-new conditions when required.

We are singularly prepared to handle large volume de-branding requirements within a short time-frame, and have been called on to perform such work in hundreds of locations.