Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Olympics Medals Sochi Billboard

Tallying our Olympic Pride in Downtown Toronto and Vancouver

During this year’s 2014 Olympics games, Pattison Outdoor had put up a 3D billboard to help tally our Olympic medal standing that our athletes were winning at the Sochi Games. This exciting project was displayed in Toronto and Vancouver; and Media Resources was the chosen partner to print, fabricate and install the components for this unique board.

The substrate used for the 24’ by 48’ main back was printed on flex material, and the oversized 20’ by 20’ maple leaf was entirely made from crezon sheets with red self-adhesive applied to the front. The Olympic 3’ in diameter medals were also made from crezon with gold, silver or bronze self- adhesive vinyl, while the ribbons were made from blue flex.

Media Resources’ print division prepared all the components and assembled the Olympic medals and ribbons. Our install team assembled the maple leaf into two sections and applied self-adhesive vinyl. We then transported the maple leaf, flex face and a skid of Olympic medals to the site near the Gardiner Expressway using our 186’ crane truck to hoist all materials to the structure. We removed the existing face and then installed the new face. Once it was installed, the maple leaf was hoisted and secured to the structure with through bolts.

Every morning Media Resources’ installers would go to the site if any medals were won the day before and add them to the maple leaf as a tally. In total, our proud Olympic team won an outstanding 25 medals for our country.