Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Breakthrough the Summer Heat with Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Media Resources was given another exciting opportunity to create a 3D display. This time it was for Mike’s Hard Lemonade. An ad agency was our collaborative creative partner and Titan Outdoor was our direct client. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, next to Dundas Square, above the Hard Rock Café, displays the oversized Mike’s Hard Lemonade can. The can is fabricated using a skeleton frame made out of wood, wrapped in sintra, and then HD printed graphics were applied. Custom fabricated sintra was molded to create a tear away effect giving the illusion that the can was breaking through the steel wall.

The entire metal can structure is 10’ high x 5’5” in circumference and the billboard is a 19 high’ x 26’ wide backlit. Accompanying the 3D sign is a trivision to the right and on either sides of the building, a digital LED ad is on the left and a traditional billboard is on the right side. The structure will be on display for the rest of the summer to remind on-lookers to quench their thirst with Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

The Media Resources team was generous with their expertise and experience when it came to assistance with design, engineering, installation, set-up and operation. A coordinated effort ensured a successful implementation to the customer’s satisfaction.
President, Ad Agency