Fallsview Casino-3D Climbing Poker Chips

3D Signage & Installation

Climbing 3D Poker Chips at Dundas Square

Going to the casino is enjoyed year round, just like the visual impact that was created for Fallsview Casino in the most prime location of downtown Toronto. Media Resources partnered with an ad agency to design and fabricate a 3D large format billboard for Fallsview Casino that was installed next to Dundas Square.

With the agency’s creativity, Media Resources built and carved 19” high x 18’ wide poker chips and 10’ tall climbers out of foam, including a steel structure to hold everything in place. The total weight of the structure was 7,500lbs and took a span of eight weeks to build and one week to install. The climbers are equipped with actual mountain climbing gear; one dressed for summer and the other for winter, which we change out twice a year.

The 3D billboard was awarded the 2012 Best Outdoor Advertisement by the American Gaming Association.

The Media Resources team was generous with their expertise and experience when it came to assistance with design, engineering, installation, set-up and operation. A coordinated effort ensured a successful implementation to the customer’s satisfaction.
President, Ad Agency