Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce

Savour Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce this Summer with our Bulldozer BBQ

Summer is fast approaching which means backyard barbecuing is here. An ad agency, came up with a brilliant idea of promoting Kraft Dinner’s Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce using a life size tractor that would resemble a bull with an actual working grill. Media Resources was the chosen manufacturer to bring their concept to life.

The bulldozer BBQ is a KIOTI RX6010 PC with industrial tires. The built-in barbecue bottom is fabricated from cold rolled steel and aircraft grade aluminum with a firebrick liner and SS sliding fireboxes that weighs a total of 370lbs. The grilling area is 15 sq. ft. consisting of four grills. The bull’s snout has a handle that acts as a nose ring and is made from a solid brass tube and has cut out nostrils for smoke to escape. The 42” long horns are sculpted from foam and covered in fiberglass with custom red airbrushing. The windows have digitally printed graphics on perforated vinyl applied. The wheel covers add a finishing touch, they are CNC machined made from sintra with a digital print of the Bull’s-Eye logo.

The bulldozer BBQ made its first debut in downtown Toronto. It’s now en route across Ontario and will be a true show stopper and conversation piece, sampling the ever delicious Bull’s-Eye BBQ steak sauce that is guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

We were asked by our client to create a bold experience for the Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce summer events. When we landed on the BULLDOZER-BQ, we knew we needed to find a partner who we could trust to bring the idea to life for us. The Media Resources team did just that. Their experience with custom fabrication, transportation and installation meant that we could one-stop-shop the execution for the BBQ. The custom metal, foam, fibreglass, paint and vinyl graphics work on this project have been excellent and the end product has really lived up to our expectations.
Director of Production at Ad Agency