VISIONiQ LED Digital Displays are our state of the art LED Displays for Digital Spectaculars and all of your digital signage needs from Outdoor LED Displays to Indoor Digital Signs.


VISIONiQ LED Digital Displays

We can provide any solution you desire from a simple message display, to a full arena or stadium system, to a stunning LED billboard. Our VISIONiQ LED products can connect to real-time networks and are capable of displaying all forms of digital content: from text and graphics to full-motion video in an extraordinary range of colours that can change at a moment’s notice.

We are leading the way in LED technology with our VISIONiQ sealed module Digital LED displays system. With front and rear service, the VISIONiQ technology allows for a hassle free installation and maintenance of each panel which comes fully equipped with its own diagnostic software for around-the-clock monitoring. Waterproof cabling and cabinet construction, ensures your product is protected against the harshest of elements.

Standard Module Size: 320mm wide by 320mm high across a wide range of pixel pitches from 6.67mm to 40mm
RGB: 6.67mm SMD, 10mm SMD, 10mm Real, 13.3mm Real, 16mm Real & Pixel Share, 20mm Real & Pixel Share.

Key for front service

Key for front service

Easy Access: All Modules are configurable for front and rear access.

Water and Dust Proof: Module (Ingress Protection up to IP67 rated) with supporting waterproof cabling, electronics control box & cabinet construction.

Standard Modular Based Cabinet Construction: Scalable from the largest to the smallest sign using an innovative face plate or rail system. The common module size allows for an easy upgrade in the future to another pixel pitch without changing the sign box.

Simple Electrical & Data Hook Up:
Supports 110V / 220V / 208V – 50 / 60Hz.
Multiple communication options (wired, wireless, etc.).

Full Diagnostics Capability:
Supports a wide range of diagnostic functions with alerts through email messages.

  • Module out
  • Scanning card out
  • Power supply voltage change
  • Controller out
  • Player content stopped
  • Resolution desynchronized
  • Player not accessible
  • Temperature of module
  • Temperature of cabinet


The VISIONiQ Full Colour LED Display System

  • Software – Scheduling
  • Software – Diagnostics
  • Control System
  • Modules & Cabling
  • LEDs
  • Metalwork & Attachment System