Fuel Price Displays

FUEL PRICE DISPLAYS: 10” | 15” | 21” | 24” | 36” | 48” | 60” | 72”


Media Resources can create for your gas station or service center custom and high quality LED fuel price displays to continuously update and display correct gas prices on your LED fuel displays for your gas station signs.


  • Standard digit format – 10” & 15” (high definition 7 segment behind polycarbonate plastic face to protect the LED’s and enhance the readability)
  • Standard digit format 21 “-72” individual pixels. Each pixel housing is made from polycarbonate plastic with a built in sunshade (hood) for enhanced viewing
  • Price change confirmation: Yes
  • Zero $ suppression: Yes
  • LED type: discrete
  • Luminosity control: automatic & manual proportional brightness control
  • Brightness: direct sunlight visibility
  • Operating temperature: 400F + 1850F
  • Communication: standard RS-485
  • Connectivity methods: data cable, R/F wireless
  • Data retention: unlimited in time in the event of external power interruption
  • Display controller: industrial performance and reliability for each grade display unit
  • Hand-held input device: 16 Keypad with 2×20 character back-lit LCD display
  • Operating voltage input: 120V AC
  • Power pack: switching power supply mounted inside display

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