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3d bus shelter
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 Custom 3D Transit Shelters

Thinking of a custom creative 3D Transit Shelter for you next advertising campaign? With super creative structures, custom lighting and movable mechanics Media Resources has and will transform any transit shelter into something amazing and creative, creating 3D transit shelter effects that will blow the minds of all who see and interact with it.  3D Transit Shelter advertising can reach a massive audience with so much foot and vehicle traffic. Innovative 3D Transit shelter props demand attention and can drive huge social engagement in your advertising campaign.

Research is showing that 3D printed transit advertising has 5 times more the power to make people stop over standard flat graphic displays. 88% of people prefer the look of 3D enhanced ads over regular signs.

3D bus shelter displays simply grab attention, they allow advertisers to engage, to entertain, to create interaction and much more. They reach out further and get the most precious treasure advertisers are looking for – notice and attention!

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