3D Characters for Props, Museums, Amusement Parks and More

3D Printed Characters for Amusement Parks, Museums and more
3D Printed Halloween Pumpkin Character for trade show, amusement park or halloween haunted house
3D Printed Sci Fi Characters for trade shows, movies or amusement parks
3D Printed Alien Character for trade show, amusement park or theater

3D Characters for Amusement Parks, Museums, Movie Theaters, Trade Shows and more!

Our four different 3D Machines are now capable of creating any type of character you might require, from 3D displays at an amusement park, for use in a museum exhibit to movie theaters, theater props, television props and more.

Whatever your need is for a 3D character or prop, in whatever size you need from small to larger than life, our printers and artists are standing by ready to get to work on your creation.

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